Tesz – Tales From Tha Strip


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1 Intro 00:29
2 My Money Keeps Tellin Me 03:33
Featuring – Vonitra
3 Dosia Side 03:33
4 This Type Of Funk 03:30
5 Fools Like Dat 03:45
6 Smoke Box Blunt Break 01:31
7 The Knock 03:43
8 Blow Up The Planet 04:17
9 Ghetto Funk From The Bay 03:21
10 Ain’t No Sunshine 03:57
Featuring – Vonitra
11 Tales From Tha Strip 04:16
Featuring – O.E., Vonitra
12 F?ck You’s 01:49


“Tales From Tha Strip” is the debut studio album by rapper Tesz from Fairfield, California. Released on October 3, 1995, by Out-Bac Records, the album features a blend of Gangsta and G-Funk styles that highlight Tesz’s smooth flow and sharp lyricism.

The album opens with a brief intro and proceeds to showcase Tesz’s storytelling ability through tracks like “My Money Keeps Tellin Me” and “Dosia Side.” The album includes standout songs like “This Type of Funk,” “Fools Like Dat,” and “The Knock,” which provide a nostalgic G-Funk vibe. The album also features backing vocals by Vonitra on tracks like “Ain’t No Sunshine” and “Tales From Tha Strip.”

Produced by The Lost Poet and recorded at Hyde Street Studios, “Tales From Tha Strip” offers listeners an authentic taste of West Coast hip-hop from the mid-90s. Thumby provides bass guitar on the album, giving it a distinct groove that complements Tesz’s delivery.

Despite the promise shown on this debut album, Tesz’s subsequent projects “Mental Poverty” and “Chlamydia City” were never released. Nevertheless, “Tales From Tha Strip” stands as a testament to Tesz’s talent and contribution to the West Coast hip-hop scene.



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