Teardrop – I Got My Baby


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1 Day-2-Day (Interlude) 00:06
2 Day-2-Day 05:14
3 Goodnight 04:11
4 Westside Story 04:13
5 Tears Of Remembrance (Interlude) 01:05
6 Tears Of Remembrance 04:54
7 “G” Child (Life Is So Damn Hard) 05:07
8 Here He Is (Interlude) 00:22
9 Here He Is 03:56
10 How I’m Living 05:13
11 No Love For Busta’s 04:04
12 I Got My Baby 04:12
13 U Can’t Fuck With Me 04:13
14 Respect A “G” 03:39
15 Three Strikes 04:07
16 Ghetto Child 03:41
17 Shouts Out 03:00


“I Got My Baby” is the only studio album from Los Angeles rapper Teardrop, born Darryl Lamar Wills. Released on October 29, 1996 by Smooth Sailing Records, this iconic record has become a staple within the gangsta rap genre. Although originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Teardrop grew up in West-Side of Los Angeles and his music reflects the experiences and challenges faced by those living in the area. The album features a mix of hard-hitting tracks and introspective interludes, showcasing the artist’s versatility and storytelling abilities.

Executive produced by Ivan Henderson, Michael Trammell, and The Real Richie Rich, “I Got My Baby” contains 17 tracks that delve into various aspects of life in Los Angeles. The Real Richie Rich also lends his production talents to several tracks on the album, including “Day-2-Day,” “Westside Story,” and “No Love For Busta’s.”

The album kicks off with the powerful “Day-2-Day (Interlude)” before transitioning into the full-length “Day-2-Day” track. The record continues with the melodic “Goodnight” and the gritty “Westside Story.” The introspective “Tears of Remembrance (Interlude)” and “Tears of Remembrance” touch on themes of loss and reflection, while “G” Child (Life Is So Damn Hard)” showcases Teardrop’s lyrical prowess.

Other standout tracks include “How I’m Living,” “I Got My Baby,” and “Respect A “G”.” In “How I’m Living,” Teardrop narrates the struggles and realities of life in the streets, while “I Got My Baby” serves as a heartfelt dedication to his loved ones. “Respect A “G”” is a powerful anthem that calls for recognition and respect for those who have earned their place in the gangsta rap world.

The album concludes with “Three Strikes,” “Ghetto Child,” and “Shouts Out.” “Three Strikes” discusses the controversial criminal justice policy, highlighting its impact on marginalized communities. “Ghetto Child,” produced by The Real Richie Rich, is a poignant track that delves into the experiences of growing up in a tough environment. The closing track, “Shouts Out,” pays homage to Teardrop’s friends, family, and collaborators, ending the album on a note of gratitude and unity.

“I Got My Baby” captures the essence of 90s gangsta rap, merging raw storytelling with evocative beats. As Teardrop’s sole studio album, it remains a testament to his talent and the lasting impact of his music on the genre.



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