Tattoo Ink – Wanted Dead Or Alive


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1 Intro 00:34
2 We The Baddest 03:53
3 Terrorism 04:26
4 Dead Or Alive 04:05
5 Sleeper Cell 03:29
6 Get The Coroner 04:25
7 I’m Drugged Up 03:58
8 They Don’t Wanna Know 04:39
9 I Trust No Bitch 03:48
10 Loosing My Mind 03:59
11 Grab Your Crucifix 04:07
12 Cemetery Landscappers 03:59
13 Outro 01:02


“Wanted Dead or Alive” is an album by Los Angeles-based rap group Tattoo Ink, comprised of members Bugsy 2 Guns, Conejo, and Venom. Released on October 31, 2006 by Street Noize, the album is a fusion of hip hop, Latin, and funk/soul influences, highlighting the group’s unique sound and diverse backgrounds. With a distinctive hardcore hip-hop style, Tattoo Ink delivers an explosive collection of tracks that showcase their powerful lyrics and hard-hitting beats.

The album opens with a bold “Intro” before launching into “We The Baddest,” a high-energy anthem asserting the group’s dominance in the rap scene. “Terrorism,” featuring Sick Jacken, delves into the dark side of life in the streets, while “Dead or Alive” keeps the intensity high with its commanding rhythm and aggressive lyrics.

“Sleeper Cell” and “Get The Coroner” continue to explore the gritty realities of urban life, showcasing Tattoo Ink’s ability to create vivid narratives through their music. “I’m Drugged Up,” featuring Guzzle, addresses the issue of substance abuse, while “They Don’t Wanna Know” and “I Trust No Bitch” touch on themes of loyalty and trust in a harsh environment.

“Loosing My Mind,” featuring Omar Cruz, is a powerful track that captures the feeling of being overwhelmed by the challenges of life. “Grab Your Crucifix” and “Cemetery Landscapers” both dive into darker themes, with lyrics that paint a chilling picture of violence and despair. The album concludes with a memorable “Outro,” tying the entire project together and leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

Conejo, one of the group’s members, grew up in the tough streets of Los Angeles and was deeply influenced by the early hip-hop scene in the city. From listening to KDAY and reciting raps from the L.A. Dream Team to break dancing and battling other rappers, Conejo developed a unique style that would eventually become a cornerstone of Tattoo Ink’s sound.



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