Swiss – What Does It Mean


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1 Intro (Headtalk) 01:08
2 What Does It Mean 04:24
3 Dis-Hear 04:18
4 Black Saga 04:48
5 Street Life 00:47
6 Reminisce 05:02
Featuring – Trilogy
7 Cross Roads 04:26
Featuring – Kelly Kel
8 Rebel Returns 04:04
Featuring – Bizzy B
9 Don’t Stop 05:38
Featuring – The Boss, Spoon
10 Reminisce (Remix) 04:53
11 Try Me 03:56
12 Outro 02:49


“What Does It Mean” is the debut studio album by Swiss, a rapper hailing from Fairfield, California. Released in 1996 by Hole-N-1 Records, the album showcases Swiss’s talent in the Hip Hop genre, particularly within the G-Funk style. With 12 tracks that take listeners on a musical journey, the album highlights Swiss’s unique sound and creative storytelling.

The album opens with “Intro [Headtalk],” setting the stage for the engaging tracks to follow. The title track, “What Does It Mean,” poses an introspective question that resonates throughout the album. Swiss collaborates with various artists, such as Bizzy B on “Rebel Returns” and Spoon on “Don’t Stop,” demonstrating his ability to blend his style with other talents.

Tracks like “Dis-Hear,” co-produced by Leo Wright, and “Black Saga” showcase Swiss’s lyrical prowess, while “Street Life,” featuring a voiceover by The Boss, adds depth to the album. The introspective track “Reminisce,” co-produced by Demetrie and featuring vocals by Brent, is also remixed later in the album, offering a fresh take on the original version.

Other notable songs on the album include “Cross Roads,” featuring Kelly Kel and K-Lee’s vocals, and “Try Me,” which rounds out the listening experience before the album concludes with “Outro,” once again featuring Brent.

“What Does It Mean” is a strong debut that sets the foundation for Swiss’s future work in the Hip Hop and G-Funk genres, establishing him as a promising artist in the industry.



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