Str8 Young Gangstaz – Steady Bangin’


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1 S.Y.G. Intro 03:14
2 Why Do G’z? 05:02
3 100 Block 04:06
4 Strapped 04:12
5 G’z On Tha Loose 04:49
6 I Live Fo Tha G 04:44
7 Gangsta Life 04:04
8 Gotta Keep It Real 03:37
9 Steady Bangin’ 04:25
10 What Set U Claim’N? 04:21
11 How To Survive 05:17
12 Don’t Cry 03:33
13 Til Death Do Us 04:47
14 Raise Tha Roof 01:29
15 S.Y.G. Outro 02:38


“Steady Bangin'” is the debut studio album by Los Angeles-based rap group Str8 Young Gangstaz. Released on November 29, 2005, by Grapetree Records, this album showcases the group’s raw talent and their ability to create hard-hitting, authentic gangsta rap. With 15 tracks, “Steady Bangin'” is a cohesive and impactful album that captures the essence of the West Coast hip-hop scene.

The album opens with “S.Y.G. Intro,” an introduction to the group’s unique style and sound. This sets the stage for the rest of the album, which is filled with engaging tracks that delve into the group’s experiences and perspectives on life in Los Angeles.

“Why Do G’z?” and “100 Block” explore the realities of street life, while “Strapped” and “G’z On Tha Loose” touch on the group’s preparedness and resilience in the face of adversity. “I Live Fo Tha G” and “Gangsta Life” serve as anthems for their dedication to the gangsta lifestyle.

“Gotta Keep It Real” and the album’s title track, “Steady Bangin’,” emphasize the importance of staying true to oneself and one’s roots. “What Set U Claim’N?” and “How To Survive” highlight the challenges and dangers faced by those living in gang-affiliated neighborhoods.

Emotional tracks like “Don’t Cry” and “Til Death Do Us” explore the complexities of loss and loyalty, while “Raise Tha Roof” serves as a celebration of life and resilience. The album concludes with “S.Y.G. Outro,” a fitting end to an impressive debut project.

The production on “Steady Bangin'” is skillfully handled by Tony Marshall, Kenny Smith, and co-producers Cory Scales and Philip Hayes. The album was recorded at Airtight Studios and mastered by HSC Digital. With its authentic gangsta rap sound and powerful storytelling, “Steady Bangin'” is a compelling debut album that captures the spirit of West Coast hip-hop.



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