Stomper – New Days New Ways


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1 El Mestico 03:45
Featuring – Conejo
2 G.S.R 03:46
Featuring – Spanky Loco, Troub Nasty
3 Gang Bang Boogie 04:20
4 High On Life 03:48
5 Another Day 04:55
6 Getting Cake 04:20
Featuring – Spanky Loco, Oso Vicious
7 I Smoke Alone 03:22
Featuring – Troub Nasty
8 Nothing Else Matters 05:16
Featuring – Conejo, Venom
9 Im California 03:55
10 My Home 03:27
Featuring – Oso Vicious
11 Im On One 04:21
Featuring – Chino Grande, Huero Snipes
12 Money 03:36
Featuring – Huero Snipes
13 Yeah Buddy 02:52
Featuring – Troub Nasty
14 Nothing Else Matters (Remix) 05:24
Featuring – Conejo, Venom
15 1300 Block Boys Snippets 06:34
Featuring – Chino Grande


“New Days New Ways” is a powerful and engaging album by Los Angeles rapper Stomper, released on July 6, 2016, by Urban Kings Music Group. The 15-track album showcases Stomper’s signature storytelling style, with features from a diverse range of artists, including Conejo, Spanky Loco, Troub Nasty, Oso Vicious, Venom, Chino Grande, and Huero Snipes. Fusing elements of hip hop and Latin music, “New Days New Ways” delivers a unique blend of gangsta rap and G-Funk that resonates with fans both domestically and internationally.

The album opens with “Nothing Else Matters,” a hard-hitting collaboration with Conejo and Venom that sets the stage for the raw and honest narratives to come. “G.S.R” featuring Troub Nasty and “Gang Bang Boogie” featuring A.L.T., Chino Grande, and Lil Dee continue the album’s momentum with their gritty lyrics and infectious beats.

“High On Life” showcases Stomper’s ability to convey a sense of hope and positivity amid adversity, with features from Chino Brown, Concrete Beretta, and Johnny Blade. “Another Day” offers a soulful introspection, featuring A.L.T., Carolyn Rodriguez, and Low G.

“Getting Cake” and “I Smoke Alone” delve into the hustle of street life, with Oso Vicious, Spanky Loco, and Troub Nasty providing their unique perspectives. “Im California” and “My Home,” featuring Spanky Loco and Oso Vicious respectively, pay homage to Stomper’s roots and the city that shaped him.

The album closes with tracks like “Mestico,” featuring Conejo, and “Streets Is Grimmey,” featuring Troub Nasty, encapsulating the essence of Stomper’s artistry and storytelling. “Nothing Else Matters (Remix)” serves as a fitting conclusion, offering a fresh take on the album’s opening track.

Stomper, also known as Lonnie Mendoza, was an artist who mastered the art of storytelling, capturing the hearts of fans through his relatable and emotive lyrics. Sadly, Stomper passed away on April 2, 2021, but his music and legacy will continue to live on through projects like “New Days New Ways.”



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