Spa City Boys – ReelTalk The Mixtape


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1 Turn Up 03:43
2 Record Deal 02:55
3 Huddle Up 04:01
4 Changing 04:59
5 Lyricly Goin 03:30
6 Lonely 03:11
7 She Cheated 02:38
8 Down 03:03
9 We Break ‘Em Off 03:43
10 Get My Shine On 04:45
11 On Everybody 04:00
12 Pull Up 05:00
13 Ride Or Die 02:29
14 Country Boys 03:45
15 Don’t Play 02:45
16 Go On 05:00
17 Be A G 04:25


“ReelTalk The Mixtape” is an engaging project by the rap group Spa City Boys hailing from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Released on September 17, 2017, under the Spa City Boys Recordz label, this mixtape is an expression of the group’s lyrical prowess and unique sound.

The mixtape opens with “Turn Up,” a high-energy track that sets the tone for the rest of the project. “Record Deal” and “Huddle Up” showcase the group’s ability to craft catchy hooks and memorable verses, while “Changing” delves into deeper themes of personal growth and evolution.

With tracks like “Lyricly Goin” and “Lonely,” Spa City Boys demonstrate their versatility, as they explore different moods and emotions throughout the mixtape. “She Cheated” offers a personal narrative, whereas “Down” and “We Break ‘Em Off” bring the energy back up with their infectious beats.

“Get My Shine On” and “On Everybody” boast the group’s confidence, while “Pull Up” and “Ride or Die” provide listeners with anthem-worthy tracks. “Country Boys” pays homage to the group’s roots and “Don’t Play” highlights their determination to succeed.

The mixtape concludes with “Go On” and “Be A G,” reinforcing the group’s commitment to their craft and their drive to make a lasting impact in the world of hip-hop.

Overall, “ReelTalk The Mixtape” showcases Spa City Boys’ talent, versatility, and potential for growth in the rap scene, making it a must-listen for fans of the genre.



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