Southside Demon – Rise Of A Demon


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1 Voices In The Streets 03:58
Featuring – Lil Chino
2 Keepin It G 02:41
Featuring – Lil Gee
3 Refuse To Stop 02:35
4 Life As War 04:55
Featuring – Ese Menace, Lil Gee, Lil Tweety
5 Down Ass Bitch 03:31
Featuring – Miz Lovely
6 The Last Breed 02:57
7 Game On Lock 02:46
8 Battle Of A Demon 03:14
9 If I Die Tonight 03:04
10 Haters On The Rise 02:29


“Rise of a Demon” is a powerful and raw mixtape by Los Angeles-based rapper Southside Demon, released in 2012 by Hi Power Entertainment. This collection of tracks showcases Southside Demon’s gritty lyrics and hard-hitting beats, which reflect his experiences in the streets and the challenges he faces. The mixtape features collaborations with talented artists such as Lil Chino, Lil Gee, Ese Menace, Lil Tweety, and Miz Lovely, further elevating the project’s impact.

The mixtape kicks off with “Voices In The Streets,” featuring Lil Chino, a track that dives deep into the struggles faced by those living in rough neighborhoods. “Keepin It G,” featuring Lil Gee, is a bold anthem that emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself and maintaining one’s authenticity.

“Refuse To Stop” is a motivational track that encourages listeners to keep pushing forward despite the obstacles they face. “Life As War,” featuring Ese Menace, Lil Gee, and Lil Tweety, is an intense track that discusses the harsh realities of life in a world that often feels like a battleground.

“Down Ass Bitch,” featuring Miz Lovely, is a tribute to strong and loyal women who stand by their partners through thick and thin. “The Last Breed” and “Game On Lock” both showcase Southside Demon’s unwavering determination and confidence in his skills as a rapper.

“Battle Of A Demon” delves into the rapper’s internal struggles and the demons he faces in his quest for success. “If I Die Tonight” is a poignant and reflective track that ponders the uncertainties of life. The mixtape concludes with “Haters On The Rise,” a defiant anthem that addresses the inevitable presence of haters and detractors.

“Rise of a Demon” is a raw and unapologetic mixtape that offers an unfiltered look into Southside Demon’s experiences, strengths, and vulnerabilities, making it a compelling addition to the world of hip hop.

Unleash the power of Southside Demon’s raw and gritty “Rise of a Demon” mixtape.



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