Southside Demon – Rise Of A Demon


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1 Voices In The Streets 03:58
Featuring – Lil Chino
2 Keepin It G 02:41
Featuring – Lil Gee
3 Refuse To Stop 02:35
4 Life As War 04:55
Featuring – Ese Menace, Lil Gee, Lil Tweety
5 Down Ass Bitch 03:31
Featuring – Miz Lovely
6 The Last Breed 02:57
7 Game On Lock 02:46
8 Battle Of A Demon 03:14
9 If I Die Tonight 03:04
10 Haters On The Rise 02:29


Rise Of A Demon is a mixtape by rapper Southside Demon from Los Angeles, California. The tape was released in 2012 by Hi Power Entertainment and has features by Lil Chino, Lil Gee, Ese Menace, Lil Tweety and Miz Lovely.



MP3-320, FLAC (Lossless)


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