South Central Cartel – South Central Gangsta Muzic


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1 Keep It Real 05:54
2 Live 4 Tomorrow Today 04:10
3 Put Ya Handz Up 02:46
4 Cali Dreamz 04:12
5 Nobody’s Smilin 03:10
6 VIP 02:30
7 I Spitz Hood 04:08
8 No Question 04:59
9 Wonder Women 03:56
10 Konichiwa 04:26
11 Im On My Gangsta 03:36
12 What Cha Want 04:14
13 So Westcoast 03:30
14 Bitch Go 04:34


“South Central Gangsta Muzic” is a captivating album by the iconic rap group South Central Cartel from Los Angeles, California. Released on September 2, 2010, by Hood Good Entertainment and P-Vine Records, this album showcases the group’s signature gangsta rap and G-Funk styles. With 14 tracks that highlight their unparalleled talent, this album is a must-have for fans of West Coast hip-hop.

The opening track, “Keep It Real,” sets the stage for the album, emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself and one’s roots. “Live 4 Tomorrow Today” and “Put Ya Handz Up” are anthems of resilience and determination that showcase the group’s ability to create memorable hooks and catchy beats. “Cali Dreamz” and “Nobody’s Smilin” delve into the realities of life in Los Angeles, touching on themes of struggle and survival.

“VIP” is a smooth, laid-back track that celebrates the group’s success and accomplishments. “I Spitz Hood,” featuring the mesmerizing talkbox of Moon Da Talkboxer, is a testament to the group’s dedication to their craft and their hometown. “No Question” and “Wonder Women” explore themes of loyalty and relationships, while “Konichiwa” adds a unique, international flavor to the album.

“Im On My Gangsta” and “What Cha Want” demonstrate South Central Cartel’s mastery of the gangsta rap genre, boasting hard-hitting beats and unapologetic lyrics. “So Westcoast” is a tribute to the group’s roots, with its catchy hook and infectious groove. The album closes with “Bitch Go,” a powerful and assertive track that leaves a lasting impression.

“South Central Gangsta Muzic” is a testament to South Central Cartel’s enduring influence in the world of hip-hop. With its authentic gangsta rap style, powerful storytelling, and engaging beats, this album is sure to captivate fans and newcomers alike.

Delve into South Central Cartel’s captivating “South Central Gangsta Muzic.”



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