Slim9ine5ive – Don’t Wait On Me


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1 Waves 02:01
2 Bounce Back 04:12
Featuring – Beasty Bandz
3 The Feeling 04:12
Featuring – Panda Badazz
4 Ride Wit Me 04:16
5 Chase That Bag 04:03
6 Geekin 02:45
7 On My Own 03:35
Featuring – Beasty Bandz, Drocc200
8 Day One 03:20
Featuring – Baby Bounce
9 Hell Of A Day 03:09
Featuring – Drocc200
10 The Policy 03:29
Featuring – Baby Bounce
11 Lil Bad Bitch 03:21
Featuring – Beasty Bandz, Drocc200
12 6 Woods 02:54
13 Boss 04:45


“Don’t Wait On Me” is the debut album by Los Angeles-based rapper, Slim9ine5ive. Released on March 4, 2018, by 95 Records, the album features 13 tracks with collaborations from Panda Badazz, Beasty Bandz, Drocc200, and Baby Bounce.

The album showcases Slim9ine5ive’s impressive lyricism and unique flow. Tracks like “Bounce Back” featuring Beasty Bandz and “The Feeling” featuring Panda Badazz, provide a glimpse into Slim9ine5ive’s personal struggles and aspirations, while tracks like “Chase That Bag” and “Boss” demonstrate his ability to create hard-hitting tracks that resonate with his fans.

With its diverse range of collaborations, “Don’t Wait On Me” highlights Slim9ine5ive’s versatility as an artist. Tracks like “On My Own” featuring Beasty Bandz and Drocc200, and “The Policy” featuring Baby Bounce, showcase his ability to collaborate with other artists and create powerful tracks.

Overall, “Don’t Wait On Me” is a powerful debut for Slim9ine5ive and a must-listen for fans of hip-hop and rap music. With its impressive collaborations and raw lyrics, this album showcases Slim9ine5ive’s dedication to his craft and his unwavering commitment to his fans.



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