Sinbad Tha1 – Thoughts Of Sin


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1 Granny Told Me 02:17
2 Phone Call 02:54
3 #Omm (On My Momma) 04:36
4 Say Somethin 03:52
Featuring – V
5 Hood Dreams 03:10
6 Get Down 03:22
Featuring – Lil O
7 My Tree 04:20
Featuring – J Prez
8 Higher 03:26
Featuring – Ro’say
9 Tha Chronic 2015 03:50
10 I’m On 03:46
Featuring – J Prez
11 Dip On A Bitch 03:35
Featuring – S Rock1500, YG
12 Interlude – In The Studio 00:56
13 Sex Talking 01:25
14 Juice 04:43
Featuring – Majestic
15 Mary Jane 2015 04:44
Featuring – Roseleeo
16 Go Get It 02:19
17 Around The World 02:56
Featuring – Majestic
18 Out The Ghetto 03:51
Featuring – Luni Coleone
19 Believe Me 03:44


“Thoughts Of Sin” is an engaging project by Fresno, California-based rapper Sinbad Tha1. Released in 2015 by Key Group Ent, this album offers a collection of 19 tracks that showcase Sinbad Tha1’s unique style and lyrical skills. Featuring collaborations with V, Lil O, J Prez, Ro’say, S Rock1500, YG, Majestic, Roseleeo, and Luni Coleone, “Thoughts Of Sin” provides a captivating listening experience for hip-hop enthusiasts.

The album kicks off with “Granny Told Me,” a reflective track that sets the tone for the project. “Phone Call” and “#Omm (On My Momma)” follow, highlighting Sinbad Tha1’s storytelling abilities and smooth flow. “Say Somethin,” featuring V, and “Hood Dreams” showcase the rapper’s impressive collaborations with fellow artists.

“Get Down,” featuring Lil O, and “My Tree,” featuring J Prez, continue to deliver powerful tracks with memorable hooks. “Higher,” featuring Ro’say, adds an uplifting element to the album, while “Tha Chronic 2015” pays homage to classic West Coast hip-hop. “I’m On,” featuring J Prez, and “Dip On A Bitch,” featuring S Rock1500 and YG, further illustrate Sinbad Tha1’s versatility as an artist.

The album also includes an “Interlude – In The Studio,” offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creative process. “Sex Talking” and “Juice,” featuring Majestic, add depth to the project, while “Mary Jane 2015,” featuring Roseleeo, and “Go Get It” showcase Sinbad Tha1’s ability to craft catchy, memorable tracks.

“Around The World,” featuring Majestic, and “Out The Ghetto,” featuring Luni Coleone, demonstrate the rapper’s collaborative spirit. The album concludes with “Believe Me,” a powerful track that leaves a lasting impression. Overall, “Thoughts Of Sin” is a remarkable project that solidifies Sinbad Tha1’s place within the hip-hop community.



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