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1 No Fear (Intro) 01:46
2 Reality Check 04:33
3 Die 4 U 04:05
4 Sunshine 03:53
5 Candy Drop 04:32
6 ‘Til I Die 04:02
7 More 2 Life 04:27
8 The Joint (Interlude) 01:14
9 Judgement Day 04:45
10 Extreme Caution 03:46
11 Jewel 03:42
12 Seventh Heaven 03:29
13 Rise 03:08
14 City Of Angels 04:38
15 Abandon All Hope 04:29
16 Lost Soul 04:06
17 Situation Critical 03:14
18 Visionz Of Death 04:10


“Seven,” the debut self-titled album from Los Angeles rapper Ewing R Samuels III, was released in 1997 under Roccaz Records. This album is a fine example of West Coast G-Funk, blending smooth grooves and funky beats with Seven’s distinct rapping style. Showcasing 18 tracks, “Seven” takes listeners on a journey through the rapper’s life and experiences, touching on themes of love, struggle, and life in the City of Angels.

The album begins with “No Fear (Intro),” setting the tone for what’s to come with a powerful statement. “Reality Check” follows, delving into the harsh truths of life and the choices we make. “Die 4 U,” featuring additional vocals from Dori, explores themes of loyalty and commitment, while “Sunshine” with Moet adds a touch of positivity and hope to the mix.

Tracks like “Candy Drop,” “‘Til I Die,” and “More 2 Life” showcase Seven’s versatility as an artist, each featuring additional vocalists and unique beats that keep the listener engaged. “The Joint (Interlude)” serves as a break before “Judgement Day,” a powerful track co-produced by Greg Ladanyi and C.J. Vanston, with vocals from Kai and The Waters.

“Extreme Caution,” “Jewel,” and “Seventh Heaven” continue to explore various aspects of Seven’s life, while “Rise” and “City Of Angels” pay homage to the resilience and spirit of Los Angeles. The album concludes with tracks like “Abandon All Hope,” “Lost Soul,” “Situation Critical,” and “Visionz of Death,” leaving listeners with a profound and thought-provoking experience.

“Seven” is a compelling debut album that showcases the unique talents of Ewing R Samuels III and solidifies his place in the West Coast G-Funk scene.



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