Section 8 – Then & Now

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1 Homicide 03:07
2 Jack 4 A Livin 03:42
3 Vice Versa 02:41
4 Then And Now 03:10
5 Where I’m Comin From 02:55
6 Where’s Ya Bitch 03:47


Then & Now is the only release by rap group Section 8 from Oakland, California. The EP was released in 1993 by Low Housing Records on cassette tape and vinyl.

The EP is split into two sections, “Then” and “Now,” with three tracks in each. The “Then” section includes the tracks “Homicide,” “Jack 4 A Livin,” and “Vice Versa,” while the “Now” section features “Then And Now,” “Where I’m Comin From,” and “Where’s Ya Bitch.”

The album was recorded and mixed at Starlight Sound and mastered at Rocket Lab. It was distributed and manufactured by Low Housing Records.

Musically, the EP features a gritty, West Coast gangsta rap sound with heavy beats and aggressive rhymes. Section 8’s lyrics focus on street life, crime, and the struggles of living in Oakland’s low-income housing projects.

Despite the EP’s limited release and underground status, it has become a cult classic among Bay Area hip hop fans and collectors.

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