Rozelly Presents Da Fam – A Day N A Life


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1 Bang My Shit 04:22
Featuring – Unique
2 What U Fucin Wit 03:54
Featuring – Lil’ Keke
3 Sometimes 03:53
4 Daily Bread 04:33
Featuring – E-40
5 I Like 04:35
Featuring – AMG, El DeBarge
6 Og’$ Yg’$ 03:52
Featuring – The Young Giants
7 Chop It Up 04:29
8 In The Lot 01:14
9 Parkin’ Lot Pimpin’ 04:20
10 U Know What Time It Is 03:35
11 I Got It 00:42
12 Living A Hustle 03:58
Featuring – LV
13 Bottom To The Top 04:04
14 A Day N A Life 04:13
15 Can’t Stand It 05:22
16 Pillo Sack 04:40
17 Smokin’ Chronic Wit U 01:32
18 Life In General 04:04
19 Ain’t Nuthing Change 04:08
Featuring – Mr. Kottonmouth


“A Day N A Life” is the one and only studio album by Los Angeles-based rap group Da Fam, released on October 1, 2002, under Brainstorm Enterprise. The group, consisting of members DeQuon Stovall and Skubie Tha Ciko Son, was presented by Rozelly, who also served as the album’s executive producer. The album features a lineup of notable guest artists, including Unique, Lil’ Keke, E-40, AMG, El DeBarge, The Young Giants, LV, and Mr. Kottonmouth.

The album kicks off with “Bang My Shit,” featuring Unique, setting the stage for an energetic and engaging listening experience. With tracks like “What U Fucin Wit” (featuring Lil’ Keke) and “Daily Bread” (featuring E-40), the album showcases the group’s gritty lyrics and authentic storytelling, reflecting their experiences growing up in the streets of Los Angeles.

“I Like,” featuring AMG and El DeBarge, and co-produced by DJ Quik, offers a smoother, more melodic vibe, demonstrating the group’s versatility. “Og’$ Yg’$” features The Young Giants and serves as a nod to the connection between the older and younger generations in the hip-hop community.

The album includes several skits, such as “In The Lot” and “I Got It,” that provide a glimpse into the group’s sense of humor and personality. Tracks like “Living A Hustle” (featuring LV) and “Ain’t Nuthing Change” (featuring Mr. Kottonmouth) delve into the realities of life on the streets and the pursuit of success, encapsulating the essence of “A Day N A Life.”

This album is a representation of Da Fam’s unique sound and dedication to their craft, leaving a mark on the West Coast hip-hop scene, despite it being their only release.



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