Roots – Roots From The Underground


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1 Roots Come Down 04:24
2 P.A.P.’s Going Murder One 04:52
3 9mm Massacre 05:30
Featuring – Chunk
4 Sucka Born 04:58
5 Buck Shots 05:23
6 Squares Wanna Be Players 05:17
Featuring – Scoot Dogg, Sean T
7 The Treatment 03:51
8 Niggaz Vs Cops 03:43
9 The Ghetto 04:33
10 Cross Roads 04:28


“Roots From The Underground” is the one and only studio album by the rap group Roots, hailing from East Palo Alto, California. Released in 1994 by Murder One Records, the album is a unique blend of G-Funk and Gangsta hip-hop styles, featuring powerful beats and thought-provoking lyrics that capture the essence of the era’s street culture.

The 10-track album opens with “Roots Come Down” and includes standout songs like “P.A.P.’s Going Murder One,” “9mm Massacre,” and “The Ghetto.” Throughout the album, Roots collaborates with talented artists such as Chunk, Scoot Dog, and Sean T, adding depth and versatility to their music.

“Roots From The Underground” was manufactured and distributed by Murder One Records, with the copyright and phonographic copyright held by the label. The album was recorded at Find A Way Studios and mastered at Rocket Lab. Art direction and design were handled by Phunky Phat Graph-X, while the photography was done by Keba Konte.

Under the executive production of Pedro Membreno (Front Page) and assistant executive production by James Cobb (Dude), the album showcases the skills of producer, keyboardist, and pianist Sean T, who also lent his talents as a featured artist. The group’s members, Mob Boss and Papoose, contributed their songwriting skills to create a powerful and engaging album that captures the spirit of 1994’s hip-hop scene.



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