Rated X – Will Rap 4 Sex


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1 Rated X Intro 01:29
2 If It Don’t Fit 03:57
3 The Way We Flow 03:39
4 Nothin To Do With It 04:32
5 It Wasn’t Me 04:19
6 Res Q Da Niggaz 04:04
Featuring – Mozilla, Presz, Robert Harding, Super Grove
7 Why’d You Have To Do It 03:59
8 Free Your Mind 04:17
9 The Beat Goes On 04:05
10 Running Away 03:55
11 Ruff Stuff II 03:37
12 Cool Breeze 04:17


“Will Rap 4 Sex” is the second studio album by the East Palo Alto, California rap group Rated X. Released in 1992 by Tandem Records, the album features 12 tracks that showcase the group’s signature hip-hop style. The members of Rated X include Cap’N Crunch (aka C-Funk), Cool Breeze, and DJ Ajax, who bring their unique skills and talents to create a memorable listening experience.

The album starts with “Rated X Intro,” a brief introduction that sets the tone for the rest of the record. Songs like “If It Don’t Fit,” “The Way We Flow,” and “Nothin To Do With It” showcase the group’s lyrical prowess and smooth-flowing beats. “It Wasn’t Me” and “Why’d You Have To Do It” delve into personal stories and experiences, while tracks like “Res Q Da Niggaz” and “Free Your Mind” feature collaborations with other artists such as Mozilla, Presz, Robert Harding, and Super Grove.

“Will Rap 4 Sex” also includes tracks like “The Beat Goes On,” “Running Away,” “Ruff Stuff II,” and “Cool Breeze,” each contributing to the album’s unique vibe and style. The album’s copyright is held by Tandem Records, and it was manufactured and distributed by the same label.

Dave Christian and Marcus McKinley took on the roles of producers for “Will Rap 4 Sex,” with Dave (D.C.) Christian providing music and instruments. The lyrics were written by Cap’n Crunch, while the scratches were performed by DJ Ajax.

“Will Rap 4 Sex” demonstrates Rated X’s growth as artists since their debut album “And Then Came Rated X.” The album is a testament to the group’s versatility and ability to create a captivating hip-hop experience that resonates with fans.



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