R.O.A. – G 4 Life


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1 Intro 01:46
2 Giggiddy Bang 06:22
3 Laws On My Back 04:00
4 Kill Or Be Kill 05:05
5 Paranoid 05:37
6 Deep Shit 05:11
7 Sing Nina 05:54
8 Lord Be With Me 05:28
9 Killing Spree 04:24
10 G 4 Life 07:01


“G 4 Life” is the debut studio album by rap group R.O.A., hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. Released on February 25, 1996, under Creepstyle Records, this album showcases the gritty and unapologetic nature of the gangsta rap scene of the mid-90s. R.O.A., which consists of rappers Calmdown, Drew, Gangster Grim, and Lebaron, delivers powerful lyrics and captivating beats throughout the album.

The 10-track album opens with a brief “Intro” before launching into songs like “Giggiddy Bang,” “Laws On My Back,” and “Kill Or Be Kill.” Tracks such as “Paranoid” and “Deep Shit” delve into the darker aspects of life on the streets, while “Sing Nina” and “Lord Be With Me” explore themes of resilience and hope amidst adversity. The album concludes with “Killing Spree” and the title track, “G 4 Life,” further solidifying R.O.A.’s dedication to their craft and their passion for gangsta rap.

Recorded and mixed at Synergy Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, “G 4 Life” features contributions from Calmdown, Drew, Gangster Grim, Lebaron, Nikki, and Sunshine, and is produced and engineered by Cain and Oscar Jiminez. With art direction by Napoleon Dudley and Ronald McDowell, this album captures the essence of the mid-90s gangsta rap scene.

“G 4 Life” serves as a testament to the talent and passion of R.O.A. and provides an authentic glimpse into the world of gangsta rap during its heyday. Fans of the genre will appreciate the album’s raw energy and powerful storytelling.



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