Q’Sta – Finer Thangs


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1 In My Life Zone (Intro) 00:46
2 The Have Nots 03:54
3 Paper Weights 03:53
Featuring – Christyle
4 Survival Of The Richest 03:52
5 Dons And Dimes 04:04
6 Fast Lane 03:41
Featuring – King Tee
7 The Plot Thickens (Interlude) 00:42
8 Highspeed Chase 03:29
Featuring – Christyle, Cuicide
9 Mission Impossible 03:20
Featuring – Christyle
10 The Q & DJ Alladin Mission (Interlude) 01:58
11 Indecent Proposal 03:28
12 Scandalous 03:23
13 Ten Step And Draw 04:04
Featuring – B.G. Knocc Out, RBX
14 World Premiere (Interlude) 00:38
15 Greenbay 03:39
16 The Land Of Milk And Honey 03:49
Featuring – Christyle
17 Shake And Bake (Remix) 03:59
Featuring – King Tee
18 Finer Thangs 03:55
19 If Only You Knew (Bonus Track) 04:05


“Finer Thangs” is the only studio album by Compton-based rapper Q’Sta, released on July 27, 1999, under Executive Entertainment. The album brings together hardcore hip-hop beats and captivating lyrics, showcasing Q’Sta’s unique flow and wordplay. With guest appearances from renowned artists like King Tee, Cuicide, B.G. Knocc Out, RBX, and others, “Finer Thangs” delivers an exciting and engaging listening experience.

The album opens with “In My Life Zone (Intro),” setting the stage for the tracks to come. Q’Sta’s collaboration with Christyle is evident throughout the album, as the duo teamed up on various tracks, including “The Have Nots,” “Paper Weights,” and “Survival Of The Richest.”

“Dons And Dimes” keeps the energy high, followed by “Fast Lane,” a standout track featuring King T. “Highspeed Chase” enlists Cuicide and K-Barr for an adrenaline-pumping collaboration, while “Mission Impossible” showcases Domineko’s talents alongside Q’Sta.

The album features several interludes, such as “The Plot Thickens,” “The Q & DJ Alladin Mission,” and “World Premiere,” adding variety and depth to the listening experience. “Indecent Proposal” and “Scandalous” continue the powerful hip-hop vibes, with “Ten Step And Draw” offering a collaboration with B.G. Knocc Out and RBX.

“Greenbay” and “The Land Of Milk And Honey” maintain the album’s momentum, leading into “Shake And Bake (Remix),” a track featuring Benito, Domineko, and King T. The album’s title track, “Finer Thangs,” encapsulates Q’Sta’s pursuit of the finer things in life.

“Finer Thangs” concludes with the bonus track “If Only You Knew,” featuring The Executive Entertainment Family, leaving listeners eager for more from the talented rapper.

“Finer Thangs” is an essential listen for hardcore hip-hop fans and those looking to explore the unique voice of Q’Sta.



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