Q NHannaz – Bricc City Blues


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1 Intro 2003 00:34
2 Y.N.S. 02:53
3 Nhanna O Clocc 04:08
4 Flip Phones 2.0 00:01
Featuring – Peezy
5 Ten Toes Down 03:56
6 Frenemies 03:47
7 Did You Wrong 03:47
8 Prison Blues (4 My Niggaz Not Coming Home) 01:59
9 40 East 95 South (Don’t Call Me) 03:12
10 I Don’t Give A Fucc 03:40


“Bricc City Blues” is a powerful mixtape by Q NHannaz, a talented rapper from Los Angeles, California. Released on May 28, 2019, under NHanna SQuad Ent, the project features a single collaboration with Peezy, offering a unique blend of raw emotion and impactful storytelling.

The mixtape begins with “Intro 2003,” a short but compelling introduction that sets the stage for the rest of the project. “Y.N.S.” follows, showcasing Q NHannaz’s versatility and lyrical prowess as he navigates through life’s challenges. “Nhanna O Clocc” is a gripping track that dives into the rapper’s experiences growing up in a difficult environment.

“Flip Phones 2.0,” featuring Peezy, adds an extra layer of depth to the mixtape with its energetic vibe and seamless collaboration. “Ten Toes Down” is a testament to Q NHannaz’s unwavering dedication and loyalty, while “Frenemies” explores the complexities of friendships and relationships in a world where trust can be scarce.

“Did You Wrong” delves into personal experiences, touching on themes of heartbreak and betrayal. “Prison Blues (4 My Niggaz Not Coming Home)” is a poignant tribute to those who have been incarcerated, expressing empathy and understanding for their struggles. “40 East 95 South (Don’t Call Me)” is a hard-hitting track that highlights the rapper’s determination to break free from the constraints of his past.

“I Don’t Give A Fucc” closes the mixtape on a defiant note, emphasizing Q NHannaz’s unwavering focus on his goals and ambitions, regardless of any obstacles that may stand in his way.

In summary, “Bricc City Blues” is a deeply authentic and captivating mixtape that showcases Q NHannaz’s raw talent and ability to create relatable, emotionally charged music that resonates with listeners from all walks of life.



MP3-320, FLAC (Lossless)


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