Pooh-Man – Ain’t No Love


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1 In The Gutter 04:48
2 Gangsta 04:40
3 What The Deuce Look Like 04:05
4 Just Another Drive By 04:55
5 If It’s Going Down 04:33
6 Back Breaker 04:20
7 Ain’t No Love 05:20
8 Don’t Test Yo Pimpin 03:52
9 Let’s Ride 04:04
10 Murder Rap 04:32
Featuring – 20 Sack, D-Funk, P-Funk
11 Letters From The Pen 05:20
Featuring – Winky
12 Down Low 04:21
Featuring – Money B
13 Fade My Flow 05:03
14 Street Games 04:48
Featuring – Winky
15 Why I Gotta Be A Bitch 06:26
Featuring – Ashley, Booky


“Ain’t No Love” is the fourth studio album by Oakland, California rapper Pooh-Man, released in 1994 by In-A-Minute Records. The album presents a gritty Gangsta Rap style, offering listeners an unfiltered perspective into the harsh realities of street life. With 15 tracks, Pooh-Man continues to share his experiences and insights through his provocative lyrics and powerful storytelling.

The album includes standout tracks such as “In The Gutter,” “Gangsta,” “Just Another Drive By,” and the title track, “Ain’t No Love.” Throughout the album, Pooh-Man collaborates with various artists, such as 20 Sack, D-Funk, P-Funk, Winky, Money B, Ashley, and Booky, further diversifying the sound and themes of the record.

Born Lawrence Lee Thomas on January 25, 1969, Pooh-Man, also known as MC Pooh and MC Pooh-Man, has been a prominent figure in the rap industry since the early 1990s. He has released several albums across different labels, including Jive Records, and his lyrics often focus on sex, money, and murder. Pooh-Man made a name for himself with his charting album “Funky as I Wanna Be” in 1992, which featured guest appearances by MC Breed, Too Short, and Ant Banks.

Despite facing legal issues and a prison sentence in 2000, Pooh-Man’s “Ain’t No Love” remains a testament to his ability to create authentic and hard-hitting music that resonates with fans of Gangsta Rap.



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