Pain – Now Its My Turn


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1 Now Its My Turn Intro 00:15
2 Spinning To Darkness 03:01
3 In My Heart 03:49
4 Your Pride 03:08
5 Not A Stalker 04:07
6 My #1 Lady 02:59
7 Don’t Shed Those Tears 03:53
8 Stay Pimpin’ 03:43
Featuring – Kokane, Raine N Lane
9 Don’t Know Why 04:02
10 Fo’ Da’ 05:00
Featuring – Saggy, Wes Cleveland
11 Here We Go Again 05:11
Featuring – Mr. Tripz, Sneeks, Truth
12 Now Its My Turn Outro 04:15


Cali Green is a compilation album crafted by the talented producer B.C. from Fairfield, California. Released on November 20, 2001, under the label Dirty West Entertainment, this collection of tracks brings together some of the finest artists in the hip-hop scene, creating a showcase of thug rap and gangsta style.

The album kicks off with an intro by D.J. Smoke A Lot, setting the stage for the powerful collaborations to come. Throughout Cali Green, listeners are treated to a variety of collaborations, such as “Ridaz” featuring Marvaless, Pizzo, Tez The Maniac, and Rubo, and “Life” by C-Bo’s Mob Figaz. Other standout tracks include “One In The Chamber” with D’MAC, Young Life, Quater Spoon, and Killa Tay, and “Blast First” featuring Napoleon, Young Life, D’MAC, and Quarter Spoon.

Cali Green also offers tracks with artists like Mac Lo and Q-Ball on “Street Playaz,” Guce, Killa Tay, Boo Banger, and Kaynine on “Come And Get Us,” and JT the Bigga Figga, T-Roy, and Baby Bake with “Neva 2 Much.” The album is filled with raw, authentic beats and memorable lyrics that stay true to the essence of West Coast hip-hop.

The compilation concludes with “M.V.P.’s To The 3C’s,” a track featuring PSD, Phenom Tha Gangsta God, and Sedd Vicious, followed by an outro interlude that wraps up the album. Cali Green stands as a testament to the talent and vision of B.C. and the artists featured, making it an essential listen for fans of the genre.



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