P-Bo – Set The Record Str8


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1 Indo 01:49
2 Smokin Out 04:09
3 Set The Record Str8 05:49
4 Smilin Ass Faces 05:57
5 Uprize 06:14
6 Bulldog Lika 04:01
7 Jack-N-Da-Weed 04:20
8 209 08:19
9 I’ll Be Your Candle 06:00
10 Outdo 01:43


“Set The Record Str8” is a rare and sought-after hip-hop album by rapper P-Bo, hailing from Fresno, California. Released in 1996 by Doszia Records, this underground gem was distributed exclusively on cassette tape, adding to its collectible value and mystique. The album features 10 tracks, showcasing P-Bo’s unique gangsta rap style, with strong lyrical content and gritty beats that capture the essence of mid-90s hip-hop.

On the Indo Side of the cassette, the album opens with “Indo,” setting the stage for P-Bo’s powerful storytelling and authentic sound. “Smokin Out” follows with its smooth, laid-back beats, while the title track, “Set The Record STR8,” demonstrates P-Bo’s lyrical prowess and determination to make a statement in the rap game. “Smilin Ass Faces” and “Uprize” round out the Indo Side with their catchy hooks and memorable verses.

Flipping to the Outdo Side, listeners are treated to “Bulldog Lika,” a track that showcases P-Bo’s affinity for hard-hitting beats and raw lyrics. “Jack-N-Da-Weed” follows suit, maintaining the album’s signature gritty sound. “209” serves as a regional anthem, paying homage to Fresno and the Central Valley, while “I’Ll Be Your Candle” offers a more introspective and emotional side of P-Bo’s artistry. The album concludes with “Outdo,” leaving a lasting impression on listeners and solidifying P-Bo’s place in the underground hip-hop scene.

For fans of 90s hip-hop and collectors alike, “Set The Record Str8” is a rare and valuable piece of music history that captures the raw and authentic sound of the era, making it a must-have for any hip-hop enthusiast.


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