On Ice E – Smooth Playa Shot (S%#T!)


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1 Prelude (“Hustlers’ Convention”) 00:09
2 It’s On 05:30
3 Ain’t Runnin’ Nathan 04:00
4 Make Ya Mark 03:56
5 Don’t Let Da ‘Hood Take U Under 05:08
6 Playa Dave’s Joint 03:16
7 Smooth Playa Shot (S%#T) 03:34
8 SWL (Strapped Wit’ Lovin’) 03:28
9 Fake From The Real 04:12
10 Everynite Is Halloween 03:51
11 Lady’s Choice 03:14
12 5 Starz Honey 03:13


“Smooth Playa Shot (S%#T!)” is the debut studio album by rapper On Ice E, hailing from Oakland, California. Released in 1996 by An Insight Production, this album showcases On Ice E’s unique talent and style in the hip hop scene. Drawing on Gangsta and G-Funk influences, the album features 12 tracks that capture the essence of the mid-90s hip hop sound.

Born in Savannah, Georgia, and now living in San Francisco, California, On Ice E majored in music theatre at San Francisco State University. He has an impressive background, with soundtrack assistant producer credits for the CD-ROM project Visionary Stampede, directed by Jim Spadaccini. On Ice E has also performed at various music conferences and clubs, and even appeared on the national TV show Big Break, hosted by renowned recording star Natalie Cole.

“Smooth Playa Shot (S%#T!)” consists of tracks such as “Prelude (“Hustlers’ Convention”),” “It’s On,” “Ain’t Runnin’ Nathan,” “Make Ya Mark,” “Don’t Let Da ‘Hood Take U Under,” “Playa Dave’s Joint,” “Smooth Playa Shot (S%#T),” “SWL (Strapped Wit’ Lovin’),” “Fake From The Real,” “Everynite Is Halloween,” “Lady’s Choice,” and “5 Starz Honey.” The album is a testament to On Ice E’s skills as a rapper and musician, featuring a blend of hard-hitting beats and catchy hooks that resonate with fans of the era.

On Ice E has also recorded a rap/hip-hop single titled “Mirror, Mirror Fierce 1,” which received airplay and club rotation. As part of An Insight Production (AIP), he has been involved in producing other acts and shopping for a major production deal.

“Smooth Playa Shot (S%#T!)” stands as an essential album for anyone interested in 90s hip hop and On Ice E’s contributions to the genre. It’s a must-listen for fans of Gangsta and G-Funk styles, as well as those looking to explore the work of a talented and passionate artist.



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