Omega Crosby – Him


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1 Omega Crosby, D-Lo Ain’t Lyin 02:43
2 Omega Crosby Chris Brown Vs. Soulja Boy 02:57
3 Omega Crosby In Your Eye 03:10
4 Omega Crosby Tonight 02:55
5 Omega Crosby So High 02:59
6 Omega Crosby Him 03:45
Featuring – Chingy
7 Omega Crosby, Dom, Leak Haze That Dough 02:38
8 Omega Crosby, YG Rap Money 03:23
9 Omega Crosby I’d Rather Be 02:28


“Him” is a captivating EP by the skilled rapper Omega Crosby, hailing from Modesto, California. Released on March 17, 2017, by Kemani Entertainment, the project features a star-studded lineup of guest appearances, including D-Lo, Chingy, Dom, Leak Haze, and YG. With nine tracks, “Him” offers a glimpse into Omega Crosby’s versatility as an artist, demonstrating his ability to deliver engaging storytelling and creative flows.

The EP opens with “Ain’t Lyin,” a collaboration with D-Lo that showcases Omega’s confident and assertive delivery. “Chris Brown Vs. Soulja Boy” follows, demonstrating Omega’s keen sense of humor and ability to play with cultural references in his music. “In Your Eye” and “Tonight” continue the trend, offering smooth, catchy tracks that highlight Omega’s lyrical prowess.

“So High” is a laid-back, introspective tune that allows listeners to vibe along with Omega’s storytelling. The title track, “Him,” features Chingy and stands as a testament to Omega’s skill as an artist, as he seamlessly blends his style with that of the established rapper. “That Dough,” featuring Dom and Leak Haze, is a high-energy anthem celebrating the pursuit of success and financial freedom.

“Rap Money,” a collaboration with YG, further underscores Omega’s ability to hold his own alongside industry heavyweights. The EP concludes with “I’d Rather Be,” a reflective track that encapsulates the themes and emotions explored throughout the project.

“Him” serves as an impressive showcase of Omega Crosby’s talents, revealing his potential to make a significant impact on the hip-hop scene. This EP is an essential listen for fans of innovative, authentic rap music.



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