OG Cell-E-Cel – It’s On And Crackin’


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1 Intro 00:39
2 Whatcha Gonna Do 04:12
3 Chin Check 00:29
4 Evil Dollars 03:42
5 Vu-Vu 00:56
6 Freaky Rendevouz 04:40
7 Fit Of The Fittest 04:51
8 Mama 04:50
9 Outro 00:41
10 Whatcha Gonna Do (Radio Edit) 04:11


“It’s On And Crackin'” is a rare and powerful album by Los Angeles rapper OG Cell-E-Cel, released in 1996 under Xcel Records. This G-funk and gangsta hip-hop project delivers a raw and authentic portrayal of the rapper’s experiences in the city of Los Angeles, providing listeners with a true insight into his world.

The 10-track EP starts with a brief “Intro,” setting the stage for the energetic and powerful track “Whatcha Gonna Do,” featuring keyboard programming by The Real Ritchie Rich. The album then dives into the gritty “Chin Check” and the ominous “Evil Dollars,” showcasing OG Cell-E-Cel’s ability to convey the struggles and triumphs of street life.

“Vu-Vu” serves as a transition into the sultry “Freaky Rendevouz,” where Khalique’s vocals complement the drum programming by King T and saxophone by Mitch Rafal. “Fit of the Fittest” and “Mama” continue to highlight OG Cell-E-Cel’s storytelling prowess and his commitment to delivering genuine hip-hop tracks.

The album concludes with the “Outro” and a radio edit of “Whatcha Gonna Do,” allowing listeners to once again experience the raw energy of the opening track.

With standout production by King T and The Real Ritchie Rich, and featuring guest appearances by talented musicians and vocalists, “It’s On And Crackin'” is an essential addition to any hip-hop fan’s collection, showcasing the unique talent of OG Cell-E-Cel.



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