O.T Da Boss – Life Of A Boss


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1 Life Of A Boss 02:46
Featuring – Philly Blocks
2 Hard 04:02
3 Down The Most 04:16
Featuring – Jay R Dreamchaser
4 Poppin Bottles 04:22
Featuring – Hurra Season, Tigga Lansky
5 It Wasn’t A Dream 03:28
6 Lot On My Mind 03:52
7 Bossin Up 04:48
8 None Of That 03:14
Featuring – Mars
9 Whip It 04:12
Featuring – Alexander The Great
10 Worried Bout Nothing 03:00
Featuring – J.Slugz
11 Get To The Money 04:24
12 What Do You Do 05:20
Featuring – Don Ko
13 Lost My Mind 04:20
14 When It Get Real 04:48
15 Forever I Ride 03:36
Featuring – Daddy O


“Life Of A Boss” is a captivating mixtape by Birmingham, Alabama rapper O.T Da Boss, released on June 18, 2017, under the My Own Boss Ent. label. The 15-track project features an array of talented artists, including Philly Blocks, Jay R Dreamchaser, Hurra Season, Tigga Lansky, Mars, Alexander The Great, J.Slugz, Don Ko, and Daddy O. Each track brings its unique energy, showcasing O.T Da Boss’s versatility and passion for rap.

The mixtape begins with the title track, “Life Of A Boss,” featuring Philly Blocks, which sets the tone for the entire project with its powerful beat and lyrics about determination and ambition. “Hard” follows, demonstrating the rapper’s unyielding work ethic and drive to succeed.

“Down The Most,” featuring Jay R Dreamchaser, and “Poppin Bottles,” featuring Hurra Season and Tigga Lansky, offer insight into the high life and the rewards of success. The introspective track “It Wasn’t A Dream” reminds listeners to never give up on their dreams, while “Lot On My Mind” delves into the struggles and challenges faced by those striving for success.

“Bossin Up” is a powerful anthem celebrating O.T Da Boss’s rise, and “None Of That,” featuring Mars, serves as a reminder to stay focused and avoid distractions. “Whip It,” featuring Alexander The Great, and “Worried Bout Nothing,” featuring J.Slugz, showcase the rapper’s confidence and determination.

“Get To The Money” and “What Do You Do,” featuring Don Ko, emphasize the importance of hard work and perseverance. “Lost My Mind” and “When It Get Real” reflect on the challenges and sacrifices made along the journey to success. The mixtape concludes with “Forever I Ride,” featuring Daddy O, a testament to loyalty and dedication.

“Life Of A Boss” is a powerful mixtape that explores the various aspects of ambition, success, and determination, making it a must-listen for hip-hop fans.



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