O-Dogg – Cali Playa


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1 Wut’s My Name 01:37
2 It’s Him 04:34
3 Tonight I’m Faded 03:50
4 Moe Shit 03:33
5 Long Stroke 05:30
6 Pocket Full 04:27
7 Hold On 04:29
8 Hit It 04:00
9 Bounce, Rock, Skate 03:43
10 Cali Playa 03:34
11 Burnin’ House 04:13
12 Domino 04:27
13 Milk 1 Honey 04:32
14 Feel Yo Pain 04:53


“Cali Playa” is an extremely rare album by Los Angeles, California rapper O-Dogg, released in 2003 under Bossed Up Records. This 14-track CD showcases O-Dogg’s talent as an artist with its catchy hooks, smooth beats, and raw lyrics that capture the essence of the West Coast Hip Hop scene.

The album kicks off with “Wut’s My Name,” an energetic track that introduces O-Dogg’s persona and style. “It’s Him” and “Tonight I’m Faded” continue the momentum with their upbeat rhythms and clever wordplay. “Moe Shit” and “Long Stroke” dive deeper into O-Dogg’s storytelling capabilities, exploring themes of street life and personal relationships.

Tracks like “Pocket Full,” “Hold On,” and “Hit It” display O-Dogg’s versatility as an artist, blending Gangsta rap with elements of G-Funk. The album’s title track, “Cali Playa,” is a laid-back anthem celebrating the California lifestyle, while “Bounce, Rock, Skate” pays homage to the West Coast’s iconic skating culture.

The latter part of the album features “Burnin’ House,” “Domino,” “Milk 1 Honey,” and “Feel Yo Pain,” offering a diverse mix of tracks that cover topics such as personal struggles, love, and the pursuit of success. Overall, “Cali Playa” stands as a testament to O-Dogg’s talent and contribution to the West Coast Hip Hop scene.



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