Nutt-So – Nutty’s Play Mix Vol. 2


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1 Trunk Music 03:41
Featuring – B-Legit, Keak Da Sneak
2 Extendo Choppaz 03:59
3 Bang Bang 03:22
Featuring – B Nutty
4 Penny Ass Niggaz 02:47
Featuring – Relly Bo
5 Real Mobb 04:47
Featuring – Jet Black, Lil Big
6 Get That Dough 03:36
Featuring – Chucksta
7 Sativa 03:15
Featuring – Lil Big, Fat Back
8 Freaky Shit 05:00
Featuring – Deuce Life, Mongoose
9 Changed Up 03:11
Featuring – D-Ski, Twice Bird
10 Soldier 03:48
Featuring – Balance, Ness Nitty
11 Oakland 03:39
Featuring – Mistah F.A.B.
12 Click Clack 04:30
Featuring – Sgt. Slaughter
13 Still Mobbin’ 03:40
Featuring – Relly Boe
14 I Don’t Give A Fuck 04:58
Featuring – B-Dubb, Slowe Burna
15 Waiting 03:18
Featuring – Destro, Slowe Burna
16 Pills 03:30
17 Ride Wit It 03:44
Featuring – Mongoose
18 Win Or Lose 04:05
Featuring – AK-9ine
19 Candy 03:38
Featuring – Lon Da Don


“Nutty’s Play Mix Vol. 2” is a dynamic mixtape project by the talented rapper Nutt-So from Oakland, California. Released in 2007 under Nutty’s Playhouse, this mixtape features a star-studded lineup, including B-Legit, Keak Da Sneak, Mistah F.A.B., and many others, showcasing Nutt-So’s connections and collaborations within the hip hop community.

The mixtape consists of 19 tracks that highlight Nutt-So’s signature gangsta rap style, while also showcasing the diverse talents of his featured collaborators. The tracklist includes “Trunk Music” (featuring B-Legit and Keak Da Sneak), “Extendo Choppaz,” “Bang Bang” (featuring B Nutty), “Penny Ass Niggaz” (featuring Relly Bo), “Real Mobb” (featuring Jet Black and Lil Big), “Get That Dough” (featuring Chucksta), “Sativa” (featuring Lil Big and Fat Back), “Freaky Shit” (featuring Deuce Life and Mongoose), “Changed Up” (featuring D-Ski and Twice Bird), “Soldier” (featuring Balance and Ness Nitty), “Oakland” (featuring Mistah F.A.B.), “Click Clack” (featuring Sgt. Slaughter), “Still Mobbin'” (featuring Relly Boe), “I Don’t Give A Fuck” (featuring B-Dubb and Slowe Burna), “Waiting” (featuring Destro and Slowe Burna), “Pills,” “Ride Wit It” (featuring Mongoose), “Win Or Lose” (featuring AK-9ine), and “Candy” (featuring Lon Da Don).

Nutt-So, born Sean Cole, is a gangsta rapper hailing from East Oakland, California, and is also the brother of renowned R&B singer Keyshia Cole. Nutt-So’s raw and authentic style has earned him a dedicated fan base in the hip hop scene.

“Nutty’s Play Mix Vol. 2” is a true representation of Nutt-So’s versatility and his ability to collaborate with various artists across the hip hop spectrum. This mixtape is a must-listen for fans of Nutt-So and the Oakland hip hop scene, as it showcases the creativity and talent of the artists involved.



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