Nutmeg – Ghetto’s Child


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1 You Don’t Know It 04:40
2 Catch A Heatstroke 04:05
Featuring – Atom Bomb
3 Much Love 04:08
Featuring – Kool G Rap
4 Ghetto’s Child 04:28
5 Straight Blitz 04:48
6 Bloodshed & Tears 05:48
Featuring – Tripple A
7 Nutsac 05:19
8 Murder In The First 04:06
Featuring – Buzz, Kool G Rap
9 Bitches Brew 05:06
Featuring – Naughty, Yungsta
10 Tendencies 02:11


“Ghetto’s Child” is the one and only studio album by Phoenix-based rapper Nutmeg, released on October 31, 1995. The album, distributed by Raging Bull Records, features a lineup of notable artists such as Atom Bomb, Kool G Rap, Tripple A, Buzz, Naughty, and Yungsta. Nutmeg, also known as Connie Oliver, has since changed her stage name to Sis. Connie Muhammad.

This ten-track album showcases Nutmeg’s gangsta rap style, with production from Paul Anderson, Rob Anderson, J. Stank, Fade, Mob, Julio G., and Tony G. “Ghetto’s Child” offers a diverse array of tracks, each highlighting Nutmeg’s lyrical skills, storytelling, and ability to collaborate with other prominent artists.

The album kicks off with “You Don’t Know It,” setting the stage with an assertive, high-energy track that showcases Nutmeg’s confident delivery. The second track, “Catch A Heatstroke,” features Atom Bomb and continues the momentum with an infectious beat and memorable verses from both rappers.

“Much Love,” featuring legendary rapper Kool G Rap, is a standout collaboration that brings together two unique voices in the hip-hop world. The title track, “Ghetto’s Child,” is a heartfelt reflection on Nutmeg’s upbringing and experiences, featuring an emotional and evocative instrumental.

Other notable tracks include “Straight Blitz,” produced by J. Stank, “Bloodshed & Tears” featuring Tripple A, and “Murder In The First,” another collaboration with Kool G Rap and Buzz, with production by Julio G. and Tony G.

The album concludes with “Tendencies,” a powerful and introspective track that leaves a lasting impression, rounding out a collection of songs that showcase Nutmeg’s talent and versatility as an artist.



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