Not By Choice – Nigga’s Try 2 Fade


Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.



1 Follow My Smoke 03:52
2 Nigga’s Try 2 Fade 04:22
3 LA Hoez 03:44
4 Watch YA! Bac 04:02
5 Fuc Pac Bell 03:02
6 Sex On The Beach 03:20
7 Dana 04:11
8 Nigga’s (Instrumental) 04:18


Nigga’s Try 2 Fade is the sole release by rap group Not By Choice, hailing from Los Angeles, California. This EP, released in 1992 by Coolwest, was available exclusively on cassette tape, a format popular during that time. Showcasing their Gangsta rap style, Not By Choice delivers an unapologetic and raw look at life in South Central L.A.

The EP kicks off with “Follow My Smoke,” setting the tone for the raw and gritty sound that follows. The title track, “Nigga’s Try 2 Fade,” speaks to the challenges and adversaries the group faces in their daily lives. “LA Hoez” and “Watch YA! Bac” continue to paint a vivid picture of life in the streets of Los Angeles.

On Side B, “Fuc Pac Bell” is a rebellious track that takes a stand against the telecommunications giant, while “Sex On The Beach” brings a more laid-back, hedonistic vibe to the EP. “Dana” delves into personal experiences and relationships, adding depth to the group’s narrative. Finally, the EP closes with “Nigga’s (Instrumental),” providing listeners with a chance to appreciate the beats and production behind the music.

Although Nigga’s Try 2 Fade remains the only release by Not By Choice, it serves as a snapshot of the group’s talent and the gritty reality of life in South Central L.A. in the early ’90s. The EP is a rare find for collectors and fans of West Coast Hip Hop.


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