No Face Phantom – When Did Cash Mean Nothing…


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1 Intro 02:33
2 The Spot 04:16
Featuring – Cul-Aide
3 Do You Wanna Ride? 05:01
Featuring – Cul-Aide, Kelly Kel, Tone
4 When Did Cash Mean Nothing? 04:21
Featuring – Pizzo, Tank
5 Police Jack 01:32
6 A Pocket Full Of Paper 04:39
Featuring – Cul-Aide, Young J
7 You’ll Never Know 04:31
Featuring – Cul-Aide, Tone
8 Yo Nigga Like What? 03:50
Featuring – Kelly Kel, Mr. Nutcase, Pizzo
9 All The Way Live 04:14
Featuring – Bell, Cul-Aide
10 West Side Killa Cali 03:50
Featuring – Young Slay
11 Interlude 00:43
12 Savages 04:20
Featuring – Creep D, Kelly Kel, Mac Deno
13 Same O’l Thang 04:35
14 Check The 411 04:11
Featuring – Fat Kev, Hennessy, Kelly Kel, Mac Deno, Mr. Nutcase, Young Slay


“When Did Cash Mean Nothing…” is the debut album by Fairfield, California rapper No Face Phantom, released in 1998 under the Malicious Intent Records label. The album is a testament to No Face Phantom’s talents in the Gangsta Hip Hop and G-Funk genres, showcasing his powerful lyrics and smooth delivery.

The 14-track project begins with an “Intro” and quickly transitions into “The Spot,” featuring Cul-Aide and produced by T-Roy. Tracks like “Do You Wanna Ride?” and “When Did Cash Mean Nothing?” showcase No Face Phantom’s storytelling abilities while collaborating with artists like Kelly Kel, Tone, Pizzo, and Tank.

The album continues with songs like “Police Jack,” “A Pocket Full Of Paper,” and “You’ll Never Know,” maintaining its captivating energy. As the album progresses, No Face Phantom delves into tracks like “Yo Nigga Like What?” and “All The Way Live,” which feature a variety of guest artists such as Kelly Kel, Mr. Nutcase, and Bell.

Closing out the album, “West Side Killa Cali,” “Interlude,” “Savages,” “Same O’l Thang,” and “Check The 411” offer a powerful finish to this impressive debut project. The album was produced by B.C. and Rude Boy for Big Kid Entertainment, with the exception of “Same O’l Thang,” which was produced by No Face Phantom himself for Phantomized Productions.

“When Did Cash Mean Nothing…” was recorded at Big Kid Clubhouse, with “The Spot” being recorded at Flatland Studios. The album features executive production by Gregg Soria and Rudy Soria, mastering by Al Eaton and Jamie Scott, and design and layout by Phunky Phat Graph-X.

With its engaging beats and poignant lyrics, “When Did Cash Mean Nothing…” stands as an impressive debut for No Face Phantom, solidifying his place in the Gangsta Hip Hop and G-Funk scenes.



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