Mushock & The Family – Doomsday


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1 Is He Ready 05:29
2 Mother Dearest 04:08
3 Shake Yo Ass 03:23
4 Thugstar 03:17
5 Ghetto Passion 04:18
6 Ebony 04:04
7 Whos Da Killa 03:18
8 Sick Wit It 03:19
9 Genuine Tast 03:36
10 One Nite 03:38
11 Soldier Of Misfortune 04:28
12 Promise Land 04:21
13 You Caught Me Slippin 04:51
14 Big Gamer 04:28
15 Baby Give It To Me 04:36
16 Doomsday 04:48
17 Mushock Interview 03:21


“Doomsday” is an extremely rare album by the rap group Mushock & The Family, hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. Released in 1998 under the Nastyboy Records label, this album offers a diverse selection of tracks showcasing the group’s distinct style of gangsta rap and G-funk.

The 17-track album begins with the powerful opener “Is He Ready,” setting the tone for the collection of songs that follow. The album delves into themes of life in the streets, love, and personal struggles, creating a narrative that resonates with its audience.

Standout tracks include “Mother Dearest,” a heartfelt ode to the sacrifices and love of a mother, and “Thugstar,” which highlights the group’s raw lyrical ability. “Ghetto Passion” is another noteworthy track, showcasing a smooth, melodic instrumental that complements the group’s dynamic rapping style.

With songs like “Shake Yo Ass” and “Sick Wit It,” Mushock & The Family display their ability to create infectious beats and catchy hooks that will have listeners moving to the rhythm. The album also includes more introspective tracks like “Soldier of Misfortune” and “Promise Land,” which delve into the group’s inner thoughts and dreams.

“Doomsday” concludes with the “Mushock Interview,” offering fans a glimpse into the minds of the artists behind the music. This rare gem of an album is a testament to Mushock & The Family’s talent, capturing the essence of late 90s hip-hop in its raw and unfiltered form.



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