Mr. X – Flossin


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1 Flossin (Radio Version) 04:06
2 Flossin (No Rap Version) 03:59
3 Flossin (Remix) 05:00
4 Flossin (Instrumental) 05:13
5 Active Crew (Album Version) 04:25
Featuring – Chattabox, Rodg, SWOZO, Young Hogg, YSOT
6 Active Crew (Instrumental) 04:20


Flossin is a maxi-single by Los Angeles rapper Mr. X, released on July 23, 1996, through Jungle Records. The single features guest appearances by Chattabox, Rodg, SWOZO, Young Hogg, and YSOT, showcasing the talents of these up-and-coming artists alongside Mr. X.

The maxi-single contains six tracks, with four different versions of the title track “Flossin.” The Radio Version provides a clean, radio-friendly version of the song, while the No Rap Version offers a unique listening experience without the rap verses. The Remix adds a fresh twist to the original track, and the Instrumental allows fans to appreciate the production quality of QD III.

In addition to the “Flossin” variations, the maxi-single includes “Active Crew” in both its Album Version and Instrumental form. “Active Crew” features Chattabox, Rodg, SWOZO, Young Hogg, and YSOT, blending their individual styles to create a cohesive and memorable collaboration.

Executive produced by Mark Gordon and QD III, Flossin is a testament to Mr. X’s versatility as a rapper and the strength of his collaborations. With its catchy hooks and quality production, the maxi-single leaves a lasting impression on listeners and showcases the best of West Coast hip-hop during the 1990s.



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