Mr. Iroc – Finally On The Map


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1 Finally On Tha Map 03:46
Featuring – Big Dame, Swin Tha Hardcore
2 One 4 Tha Money 04:31
Featuring – Big Dame, Kumie, Lakiva Robinson
3 Once Again 03:16
Featuring – Big Dame
4 I Wish They Come Back 03:37
Featuring – Big Mobb, Deon
5 You Will Never Be Forgotten 04:46
Featuring – Big Dame, James Green
6 Take A Deep Look In My Eyes 03:50
Featuring – Marshawn Williams
7 Don’t Think I Could Flow 04:33
Featuring – Big Dame, Swin Tha Hardcore
8 Throw Your Hands In Tha Air 04:10
Featuring – Swin Tha Hardcore
9 Str8 Flowin 05:25
Featuring – Big Dame, E-Dogg, Price Capone, Swin Tha Hardcore
10 Gangsta Ball 04:38
Featuring – Price Capone, Swin Tha Hardcore
11 Humpen 04:43
Featuring – Big Dame, Big Mobb, E-Dogg
12 Already Knowin 04:09
Featuring – Big Dame, Deon, Swin Tha Hardcore
13 Let’em Know 04:28
Featuring – Big Dame, Swin Tha Hardcore
14 Memories 04:21
Featuring – Deon
15 If I Don’t Give A Fuck 04:13
Featuring – Big Dame, Mayhem
16 Tha Symphony 03:56
Featuring – Big Dame, Price Capone, Swin Tha Hardcore, Tec-9, Weirdoz
17 Just Anotha Day 00:58
18 Tha Product 04:31
Featuring – Big Dame, E-Dogg, Price Capone, Stan, Swin Tha Hardcore


“Finally On The Map” marks the impressive debut studio album by Phoenix-based rapper Mr. Iroc. Released in 1996 under the Iroc Records and Jaen Records labels, the album features a dynamic fusion of gangsta rap and G-funk styles, showcasing Mr. Iroc’s lyrical talent and his ability to connect with listeners through compelling storytelling.

The 18-track album kicks off with the title track, “Finally On Tha Map,” featuring Big Dame and Swin Tha Hardcore, setting a strong tone for the album. Tracks like “One 4 Tha Money,” “Once Again,” and “I Wish They Come Back” delve into themes of ambition, loyalty, and reminiscing on the past, while “You Will Never Be Forgotten” pays tribute to lost loved ones.

In “Take A Deep Look In My Eyes,” Mr. Iroc collaborates with Marshawn Williams, creating a powerful and introspective track. “Don’t Think I Could Flow,” “Throw Your Hands In Tha Air,” and “Str8 Flowin” showcase Mr. Iroc’s prowess in delivering catchy hooks and infectious beats.

“Gangsta Ball,” “Humpen,” and “Already Knowin” further exhibit Mr. Iroc’s versatility as an artist, while “Let’em Know” and “Memories” offer introspective moments that resonate with listeners. “If I Don’t Give A Fuck” and “Tha Symphony” demonstrate the group’s unapologetic attitude and dedication to their craft.

The album concludes with “Just Anotha Day” and “Tha Product,” leaving listeners with a memorable and lasting impression of Mr. Iroc’s debut studio effort. “Finally On The Map” stands as a testament to Mr. Iroc’s talent and his place in the Phoenix rap scene in the 1990s.



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