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1 Intro 02:56
2 Calling Out Lames 02:52
3 Hood Affiliated 02:41
4 West Coast 04:51
Featuring – Hi Power Soldiers
5 I Make Em Bounce 03:58
Featuring – Mr. Silent, Script Loc
6 Always On The Front Line 04:09
Featuring – Ese Villen, Mr. Silent
7 559 Rider 02:19
8 Let It Be Known 05:01
9 My Time To Shine 03:58
Featuring – Script Loc
10 Ready 4 War 03:08
Featuring – Daffy Loko, Ese Villen
11 E/s To W/s 03:45
Featuring – ABU, Mr. Conejo
12 What You Know About Me 03:28
13 Youngster From The Street 03:20
Featuring – Ese Bandit
14 Ride N Smoke 2 03:45
Featuring – Script Loc
15 Outro 01:21


Mr. Criminal Presents Hood Affiliated is a compilation album by the renowned rapper from Los Angeles, California. Released in 2008 by Hi Power Entertainment, this compilation features an impressive lineup of talented artists, such as Hi Power Soldiers, Mr. Silent, Script Loc, Ese Villen, Daffy Loko, ABU, and Ese Bandit. The album explores a fusion of hip-hop and Latin styles, with a prevalent gangsta and funk influence throughout.

The compilation starts with the powerful “Intro” and moves into tracks like “Calling Out Lames” and “Hood Affiliated,” setting the tone for the rest of the album. The West Coast gangsta rap style is evident in songs like “West Coast” featuring Hi Power Soldiers, “I Make Em Bounce” with Mr. Silent and Script Loc, and “Always On The Front Line” featuring Ese Villen and Mr. Silent.

Noteworthy tracks include “559 Rider,” “Let It Be Known,” and “My Time To Shine” featuring Script Loc. The compilation also highlights Mr. Criminal’s Latin roots in tracks like “E/s To W/s” with ABU and Mr. Conejo, and “Youngster From The Street” featuring Ese Bandit.

Hood Affiliated is a testament to Mr. Criminal’s musical prowess and ability to collaborate with various artists to create a unique blend of West Coast hip-hop and Latin music. This compilation is a must-listen for fans of these genres, offering a fresh and exciting collection of tracks.



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