Mr. Capone-E – Strictly For The Streets Vol. 1


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1 Big Alex Too Gangsta Intro 00:46
2 Thirteen Reasons 04:42
3 In My Hood 04:02
Featuring – Mr. Criminal, Mr. Silent
4 Stayin’ Gangsta 05:17
5 Commercial Lude 00:39
6 You Can’t Stop Him 04:09
7 It’s Early 03:25
8 Hum On My Bird 03:25
9 Ohh Wee We Can All Be Friends 04:27
Featuring – Young Creeps
10 Daddy Prelude 01:00
11 Got The Makin’ 03:57
Featuring – Dominator
12 Cruisin’ 04:03
Featuring – Malow Mac
13 All I Know 04:54
14 Your My Homie 04:14
15 I Need You 04:46
16 Stand By Me Ese 02:34
17 Southside Thang Part 2 04:30


Strictly For The Streets Vol. 1 is a dynamic studio album by Los Angeles, California-based rapper Mr. Capone-E. Released on April 19, 2005, under the label Too Gangster Records, the album boasts a collection of gritty, street-focused tracks that showcase Mr. Capone-E’s signature gangsta and funk style. The project features collaborations with Mr. Criminal, Mr. Silent, Young Creeps, Dominator, and Malow Mac, adding diversity and depth to the overall sound.

The album kicks off with “Big Alex Too Gangsta Intro,” setting the tone for the hard-hitting tracks to follow. “Thirteen Reasons” and “In My Hood” (featuring Mr. Criminal and Mr. Silent) continue this theme, highlighting Mr. Capone-E’s authentic storytelling and streetwise lyrics. “Stayin’ Gangsta” and “You Can’t Stop Him” showcase the rapper’s unyielding determination and dedication to his craft.

A lighter moment comes with “Commercial Lude,” followed by tracks like “It’s Early,” “Hum On My Bird,” and “Ohh Wee We Can All Be Friends” (featuring Young Creeps), which focus on camaraderie and friendship within the streets. “Daddy Prelude” leads into “Got The Makin'” (featuring Dominator) and “Cruisin'” (featuring Malow Mac), songs that emphasize the importance of loyalty and maintaining relationships in a tough environment.

The album winds down with tracks like “All I Know,” “Your My Homie,” “I Need You,” and “Stand By Me Ese,” which explore themes of trust and support within the street life. The project concludes with “Southside Thang Part 2,” a fitting end to an album that’s strictly for the streets.



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