Mo’reale – Mood.


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1 AbiYoyo 03:57
Featuring – Kd Dawson
2 I’m In It 04:34
Featuring – K3 Y
3 Loyal 04:37
4 Hometown 03:52
5 Purple Love 03:42
6 The Don 02:52
7 Really In The Game 02:20
8 6 Man 04:19
9 True Enough 03:32
Featuring – Jay Dizz
10 Long Distance 04:06
Featuring – Kaitlin Brianne
11 Dip 04:05
Featuring – Randi Vision
12 Pleasure 05:01
13 Toy Piano 03:45
14 Believe That 03:40
Featuring – K3 Y
15 Fallin 03:31
Featuring – Anjaleia
16 Know 04:53
Featuring – K3 Y, Randi Vision
17 Gravity 03:05
18 Shady 03:59
19 Freeway 03:55
20 Fading Away 03:33
21 Dear 04:21


“Mood.” is a captivating project by rapper Mo’reale, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released on April 27, 2017, under the label Akustic Kapsule LLC, the album showcases Mo’reale’s versatility as an artist and his ability to create a variety of moods through his music. The project features a mix of guest appearances from talented artists such as Kd Dawson, K3 Y, Jay Dizz, Kaitlin Brianne, Randi Vision, and Anjaleia.

The album kicks off with “AbiYoyo,” a dynamic track featuring Kd Dawson that sets the tone for the rest of the project. With tracks like “I’m In It” and “Loyal,” Mo’reale demonstrates his lyrical prowess and unique delivery. “Hometown” pays homage to the rapper’s roots in Los Angeles, while “Purple Love” and “The Don” delve into themes of love and power.

Mo’reale collaborates with Jay Dizz on the introspective track “True Enough,” and Kaitlin Brianne lends her vocals to the heartfelt “Long Distance.” Other standout tracks include “Dip” featuring Randi Vision, the sultry “Pleasure,” and the reflective “Toy Piano.”

The album’s latter half continues to impress with songs like “Believe That,” a collaboration with K3 Y, and “Fallin,” which features the smooth vocals of Anjaleia. “Know” brings together K3 Y and Randi Vision for a memorable collaboration, while “Gravity” and “Shady” showcase Mo’reale’s storytelling abilities. The project comes to a close with “Freeway,” “Fading Away,” and “Dear,” leaving listeners with a lasting impression of Mo’reale’s artistry.



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