Miz Matthews – Vogue


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1 Vogue (Radio Version) 04:10
Featuring – 3rd Rail Vic aka Third Rail Vic
2 Vogue (EP Version) 05:34
Featuring – 3rd Rail Vic
3 Vogue (Instrumental) 05:32
Featuring – 3rd Rail Vic


“Vogue” is a single released in 1997 by Oakland rapper Miz Matthews, showcasing her lyrical prowess and unique style. This release, produced by Lay-Wah Records & Entertainment, features the talents of 3rd Rail Vic, also known as Third Rail Vic, adding a distinctive touch to the single. The single includes three versions of the song, each offering a different listening experience for fans of the genre.

The single kicks off with the “Vogue (Radio Version),” a 4-minute, 10-second cut that displays Miz Matthews’ ability to deliver catchy hooks and captivating verses. 3rd Rail Vic’s feature on this version provides a compelling dynamic, enhancing the overall appeal of the track.

Next up is the “Vogue (EP Version),” which, at 5 minutes and 34 seconds, offers a more extended take on the song. This version allows both Miz Matthews and 3rd Rail Vic more space to showcase their skills and further develop the track’s themes.

Lastly, the “Vogue (Instrumental)” version, clocking in at 5 minutes and 32 seconds, is an instrumental rendition of the track featuring 3rd Rail Vic. This version highlights the instrumental’s captivating beats and offers listeners the opportunity to focus on the song’s production aspects.

The “Vogue” single stands as a testament to Miz Matthews’ talent and potential as an artist in the hip-hop scene. With its catchy hooks, engaging lyrics, and the added dynamic of 3rd Rail Vic’s feature, “Vogue” leaves a lasting impression on listeners and sets the stage for Miz Matthews’ future endeavors in the music industry.



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