Mike Sherm – The Start


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1 40 Bars 02:11
2 Real Stoner 03:45
Featuring – H-$tezzy, Dsteez, G-Bo Lean
3 Chose Up 03:17
Featuring – Ace Rico, Lil Slugg
4 Sit Down 02:40
Featuring – Clyde The Mack
5 Golden Mouthpiece 02:40
Featuring – G-Bo Lean
6 Neva Had 03:13
Featuring – Leeak, Yhung T.O.
7 Flex That Shit 03:29
Featuring – DaBoii, Clyde The Mack


“The Start” is a captivating EP project by rapper Mike Sherm from Antioch, California. Self-released in 2017, this collection of tracks showcases Mike Sherm’s energetic flow, powerful delivery, and remarkable lyrical talent. The EP features collaborations with several talented artists, including H-$tezzy, Dsteez, G-Bo Lean, Ace Rico, Lil Slugg, Clyde The Mack, Leeak, Yhung T.O., and DaBoii.

Opening with “40 Bars,” Mike Sherm sets the tone for the EP with a hard-hitting, raw track that immediately grabs the listener’s attention. “Real Stoner” follows, featuring H-$tezzy, Dsteez, and G-Bo Lean, as they come together to create a laid-back, melodic anthem.

“Chose Up” enlists the help of Ace Rico and Lil Slugg, adding a catchy hook and memorable verses that showcase each artist’s unique style. “Sit Down” sees Mike Sherm teaming up with Clyde The Mack, delivering a powerful message to his haters.

“Golden Mouthpiece” features G-Bo Lean, where both rappers demonstrate their exceptional lyrical abilities and strong flows. In “Neva Had,” Mike Sherm collaborates with Leeak and Yhung T.O., creating an introspective track that highlights their determination and ambition.

The EP concludes with “Flex That Shit,” a high-energy track featuring DaBoii and Clyde The Mack, leaving listeners eager for more of Mike Sherm’s impressive artistry.

“The Start” is a standout project that demonstrates Mike Sherm’s potential in the rap industry, offering a glimpse into his unique style and dynamic collaborations.



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