Max Priest – Born Regal


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1 Intro (The Queen Speaks) 00:56
2 Success 03:59
Featuring – Ashley Williams
3 Serious 02:59
4 Live In The Moment 03:49
Featuring – Keith Robinson
5 Do Me 04:22
Featuring – Joe Whisper
6 Bruce Lee 03:11
7 Grown Man 02:56
Featuring – Keith Robinson
8 Family Reunion 03:25
Featuring – Joe Whisper
9 Superstar 02:56
10 Directer 03:32
11 Home 04:38
Featuring – Joe Whisper
12 Outro (Born Regal) 02:53


“Born Regal” is an album by Los Angeles-based rapper Max Priest, released on June 16, 2017, by Royal Recognize Excellence (dba) RRE Records. The album features collaborations with talented artists such as Ashley Williams, Keith Robinson, and Joe Whisper, offering listeners a unique blend of hip-hop styles and themes.

The album begins with “Intro (The Queen Speaks),” a short but powerful introduction that sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Success,” featuring Ashley Williams, is an uplifting track that celebrates the pursuit of achievement and serves as a perfect segue into the more introspective “Serious.”

“Live In The Moment,” featuring Keith Robinson, offers a soulful, reflective vibe, encouraging listeners to embrace the present and enjoy life’s experiences. “Do Me,” featuring Joe Whisper, showcases Max Priest’s ability to switch between moods, delivering a more sensual and intimate song.

“Bruce Lee” is a high-energy track that demonstrates Max Priest’s lyrical prowess, while “Grown Man,” featuring Keith Robinson, focuses on personal growth and maturity. “Family Reunion,” featuring Joe Whisper, provides a heartfelt tribute to the importance of family and togetherness.

“Superstar” and “Directer” continue to exhibit Max Priest’s versatility, blending catchy hooks with powerful verses. The album’s penultimate track, “Home,” featuring Joe Whisper, is a touching ode to the comfort and solace that one’s home can provide.

Finally, “Outro (Born Regal)” brings the album to a close, leaving listeners with a sense of empowerment and appreciation for the journey they have just experienced. “Born Regal” is a testament to Max Priest’s talent as a rapper and a songwriter, showcasing a unique blend of themes and styles that are sure to appeal to hip-hop fans.



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