Manslotta – West Up Muthaphukazz


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1 Intro – West Up Muthaphuckkaz 00:51
2 West Side Mack 04:10
3 Dedicated To Tha Streets (Radio) 04:33
4 It’s Gotta Be Tight 04:20
5 Yeah I Gotta A Problem 05:17
6 On Tha Keyed Tip 04:40
7 Soul Of A Soldier 03:39
8 Crazy Thoughts 04:47
9 I’m Gonna Get Mine 04:19
10 Bitch Made 04:54
11 Speakin The Truth 01:10
12 Filled To Tha Tip 06:08


“West Up Muthaphukazz” is an extremely rare gem in the world of hip-hop, released by the talented rapper Manslotta from Modesto, California. This album was released in 1996 by West Mob Records, exclusively on cassette tape format, making it a highly sought-after collectible for hip-hop enthusiasts. With its gangsta style and authentic hip-hop sound, “West Up Muthaphukazz” serves as a snapshot of the 90s West Coast rap scene.

The album opens with an introduction track, “Intro – West Up Muthaphuckkaz,” setting the tone for the gritty, raw sound that follows. “West Side Mack” showcases Manslotta’s smooth flow and distinct style, while “Dedicated To Tha Streets (Radio)” pays homage to the streets that shaped him as an artist.

“It’s Gotta Be Tight” and “Yeah I Gotta A Problem” display Manslotta’s lyrical abilities and his knack for creating infectious hooks. “On Tha Keyed Tip” serves as a smooth, laid-back track that highlights the rapper’s versatility.

The B-side of the cassette opens with “Soul Of A Soldier,” a powerful track that reflects on the struggles and triumphs of life in the streets. “Crazy Thoughts” delves into Manslotta’s introspective side, allowing listeners to connect with the artist on a deeper level. “I’m Gonna Get Mine” is an assertive anthem showcasing the rapper’s relentless pursuit of success.

“Bitch Made” and “Speakin The Truth” feature hard-hitting beats and uncompromising lyrics, while the closing track, “Filled To Tha Tip,” leaves a lasting impression on the listener, rounding out this unique and rare album.

“West Up Muthaphukazz” is a true testament to Manslotta’s talent and contribution to the 90s West Coast hip-hop scene. The album’s raw energy, memorable hooks, and honest lyricism create an unforgettable listening experience that is sure to impress hip-hop fans and collectors alike. With its limited release on cassette tape, “West Up Muthaphukazz” has become a treasured item for those lucky enough to get their hands on a copy.


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