Mack Lew – Music 4 Da Late Nite


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1 Player Listic Nation 04:19
2 The Groom 04:47
3 High Speed 03:51
4 The Twamps 05:35
5 Better Off Dead 04:04
6 Daddy 05:18
7 Nephrotitie 04:48
8 Music 4 Da Late Nite 02:29
9 U Better Ask Somebody 04:38
10 Little Did He Know 05:49
11 Outro 03:34


“Music 4 Da Late Nite” is the second studio album by Oakland, California-based rapper Mack Lew. Released in 1996 under Snake Pit Records and Wiged Out Music, this cassette album features a unique blend of gangsta rap and West Coast hip-hop styles, showcasing Mack Lew’s lyrical prowess and rhythmic delivery.

The 11-track album begins with “Player Listic Nation,” a smooth, bass-heavy track that sets the tone for the rest of the project. On “The Groom,” Mack Lew teams up with Dangerous Dame, adding an extra layer of depth and lyrical dexterity to the song. “High Speed” follows, offering listeners an adrenaline-fueled anthem perfect for cruising the streets.

“The Twamps” dives deeper into Mack Lew’s storytelling abilities, accompanied by a hypnotic beat that’s sure to keep heads nodding. “Better Off Dead” and “Daddy” both showcase Mack Lew’s introspective side, while “Nephrotitie” brings the energy back up with its infectious hook and catchy melody.

The title track, “Music 4 Da Late Nite,” serves as the album’s centerpiece, encapsulating the project’s overall vibe and theme. “U Better Ask Somebody,” featuring Nutt-So and additional uncredited features, is a standout collaboration that highlights the chemistry between the artists.

“Little Did He Know” delivers a gripping narrative over a haunting beat, demonstrating Mack Lew’s ability to captivate listeners with his storytelling. The album concludes with the “Outro,” a fitting end to an immersive musical journey.

“Music 4 Da Late Nite” is a classic West Coast hip-hop album that showcases Mack Lew’s talent as a rapper and his ability to create a cohesive and engaging project. Fans of 90s gangsta rap and West Coast vibes will find this album a must-listen.


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