Mack Lew – Living Up To My Rep


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1 Fuck The Radio (Com. 1) 00:46
2 Danger Zone 04:38
3 Player Role 05:15
4 Radio (Com. 2) 00:31
5 Cum-A-New 05:21
6 Radio (Com. 3) 00:22
7 Say Yes (Interlude) 01:34
8 Mystery Lover 05:10
9 Living Up To My Rep 05:08
10 Radio (Com. 4) 01:42
11 Something To Ride 2 05:18
12 Natural Freak 05:09
13 Radio (Com. 5) 00:51
14 Cross Roads 04:35
15 Shots 05:09


“Living Up To My Rep” is the debut studio album by Oakland, California rapper Mack Lew, released in 1992 under Another Hit Records and Babywig Productions. This 15-track album showcases Mack Lew’s versatile talent, weaving a tapestry of classic hip-hop sounds and styles that are sure to resonate with fans of the genre.

The album begins with “Fuck The Radio (Com. 1),” a short and impactful intro that sets the stage for the songs to follow. “Danger Zone,” featuring bass by Dwayne Wiggins of Tony Toni Tone, is a powerful track with its deep grooves and compelling lyrics. “Player Role” incorporates bass and piano by Gino Blacknell, adding a smooth touch to the song’s laid-back vibe.

“Living Up To My Rep” continues to impress with “Cum-A-New,” featuring bass and piano by Carl Wheeler of Tony Toni Tone, delivering a catchy and memorable tune. “Say Yes (Interlude)” highlights the vocals of Smoke Room Jazz, offering a brief but captivating moment of respite from the album’s intensity.

“Mystery Lover” showcases the vocal talents of Dirty D and Plechette Mitchell, giving the track an added layer of depth and complexity. The album’s titular track, “Living Up To My Rep,” features bass and piano by Carl Wheeler, presenting a powerful anthem that encapsulates the album’s overall theme.

“Something To Ride 2” is an irresistible track perfect for cruising, while “Natural Freak” delivers a seductive rhythm that showcases Mack Lew’s storytelling prowess. The album concludes with “Shots,” a high-energy finale that leaves listeners wanting more.

Throughout “Living Up To My Rep,” Mack Lew’s skillful lyricism and captivating beats make for a memorable listening experience. This debut album is a testament to his talent and an essential addition to any hip-hop fan’s collection.



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