Mac Vo – Player IV Life


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1 Players Only 04:39
2 Out My Lack 03:19
3 Out Of Pocket B*tch 00:50
4 Player IV Life 04:28
5 The Pit 04:32
6 Yellow Tape 04:24
7 Hurt 04:31
8 Turn ‘Em Out 04:01
9 Never Trust A Hoe 05:09
10 Dank-N-Drunk 01:01
11 F*cked Up & Faded 03:19
12 Baby 04:54
13 Hard 2 Talk 2 00:32
14 Nasty On The Trigger 03:56
15 Down Low Life 02:47
16 Shout Outs 04:57


“Player IV Life” is the only studio album by Oakland, California rapper Mac Vo, released on August 22, 1995, under Relativity and Concern Records. This 16-track album captures the essence of the mid-90s gangsta rap scene, featuring a mix of hard-hitting beats, clever lyrics, and Mac Vo’s distinct style.

The album kicks off with “Players Only,” a strong opener that sets the tone for the rest of the project. “Out My Lack” follows with a gritty track that showcases Mac Vo’s storytelling abilities. The album continues with “Out Of Pocket B*tch,” a short but impactful interlude.

“Player IV Life,” the album’s title track, serves as a powerful anthem for the project, with Mac Vo expressing his dedication to the game. “The Pit” features a haunting beat that complements Mac Vo’s intense delivery, while “Yellow Tape” offers a gritty, streetwise narrative.

On “Hurt,” Mac Vo demonstrates his versatility, delving into more introspective lyrics. “Turn ‘Em Out” samples Rick James and adds a funky twist to the album, while “Never Trust A Hoe” tackles the complexities of relationships. “Dank-N-Drunk” serves as a brief interlude, setting the stage for “F*cked Up & Faded,” a party anthem that showcases Mac Vo’s ability to create infectious hooks.

“Baby” brings a more melodic, laid-back vibe, followed by “Hard 2 Talk 2,” another brief interlude. “Nasty On The Trigger” and “Down Low Life” continue the album’s exploration of street life and personal struggles. The project concludes with “Shout Outs,” a track dedicated to Mac Vo’s friends and supporters.

Throughout “Player IV Life,” Mac Vo delivers a solid debut album that stands as a testament to his talent and the enduring appeal of 90s gangsta rap.



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