Lucy Diamonds – The Anthology


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1 Speed It Up 03:47
Featuring – Ron G
2 Now That I Found Love 04:12
3 Glamorous Life 03:26
Featuring – Amil, Jonathan Hay
4 Logic And Theory 02:06
Featuring – Audio Stepchild
5 Pulp Fiction 03:36
Featuring – Jonathan Hay
6 Blood Diamonds 03:40
7 New Life 04:02
8 Creflo Dollaz 02:41
Featuring – Greyson, Jasun
9 Testosterone 04:11
Featuring – Roc Raida
10 Weight Of The World 03:28
Featuring – Jonathan Hay
11 Backyard In Baltimore 04:05
12 June 13th 03:10
13 Now That I Found Love (Remix) 02:20
14 Water Of Life 03:36
Featuring – Grand Puba


“The Anthology” is a versatile compilation project by Atlanta-based rapper Lucy Diamonds. Released on March 1, 2019, by SMH Records, this 14-track collection highlights Lucy Diamonds’ dynamic style and lyrical prowess, demonstrating her ability to switch between different hip-hop subgenres with ease.

The compilation kicks off with the energetic track “Speed It Up,” featuring Ron G, setting the stage for a project that showcases the best of Lucy Diamonds’ work. Songs like “Now That I Found Love” and “Glamorous Life,” featuring Amil and Jonathan Hay, display her smooth flow and keen sense of rhythm.

Collaborations with Audio Stepchild on “Logic And Theory” and Greyson and Jasun on “Creflo Dollaz” inject unique flavors into the compilation, keeping listeners engaged throughout. The late Roc Raida lends his skills to the track “Testosterone,” while hip-hop legend Grand Puba features on “Water Of Life.”

With its blend of introspective tracks like “Blood Diamonds” and “Weight Of The World” alongside upbeat numbers like “Pulp Fiction” and “Backyard In Baltimore,” “The Anthology” is a testament to Lucy Diamonds’ versatility and growth as an artist.

This compilation serves as a perfect introduction for newcomers to Lucy Diamonds’ music and a celebration of her talent for long-time fans.



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