Lorde Sanctus – Purgatory


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1 Intro (Lvl Up) 02:02
2 Think About It 03:07
3 Helium 03:56
4 Worship 03:34
5 Uncle Phil 03:00
6 Yes Or No 03:20
7 Landslide 01:56
8 805 02:23
9 New Phone 02:49
Featuring – Andre The Closer
10 Ascension 01:50
11 D Date 02:54
Featuring – Eliza


“Purgatory” is a dynamic and captivating mixtape by Los Angeles-based rapper Lorde Sanctus, released on June 26, 2017, by The Good The Bad & The Thirsty. The project showcases Lorde Sanctus’s unique lyrical prowess and innovative style, seamlessly blending various elements of hip-hop and rap.

The mixtape features 11 tracks that delve into different themes and display Lorde Sanctus’s versatility as an artist. From the energetic “Intro (Lvl Up)” to the introspective “Think About It,” each track offers a fresh perspective and sound. “Helium” and “Worship” further highlight Lorde Sanctus’s ability to craft captivating hooks, while “Uncle Phil” pays homage to the iconic character from the 90s sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

“Purgatory” also includes collaborations with talented artists Andre The Closer and Eliza, who contribute their distinctive styles to the tracks “New Phone” and “D Date,” respectively. The mixtape’s diverse range of tracks, such as “Yes Or No,” “Landslide,” “805,” and “Ascension,” showcases Lorde Sanctus’s ability to experiment with various styles and sounds, keeping listeners engaged from start to finish.

Throughout the mixtape, Lorde Sanctus explores themes of personal growth, self-reflection, and resilience, demonstrating his commitment to delivering thought-provoking and authentic music. “Purgatory” serves as a testament to Lorde Sanctus’s undeniable talent and dedication to pushing the boundaries of hip-hop.

For those seeking an innovative and refreshing take on hip-hop, “Purgatory” is a must-listen mixtape that highlights Lorde Sanctus’s immense potential and promises a bright future for this talented artist.



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