Lil OneHunnet – Purple Smoke


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1 We Don’t Keep The Door Locked, Pt. 2 02:40
2 Changed Up 03:16
3 Alakazam 02:43
4 Arms Around Me 02:41
5 Hey Now Say Now 03:12
6 Get Off The Corner 03:44
7 Its Time To Party 02:36
8 You Don’t Know 03:42
9 Since A Juvenile 03:48


“Purple Smoke,” a mixtape project by Los Angeles rapper Lil OneHunnet, was released on April 13, 2018, under the labels DrummerGang and GTBGreedGang. This collection of nine tracks showcases Lil OneHunnet’s unique style and versatility as an artist in the hip-hop scene.

The mixtape begins with “We Don’t Keep The Door Locked, Pt. 2,” an energetic track that sets the tone for the rest of the project. Lil OneHunnet continues to impress with “Changed Up,” a song that highlights his lyrical prowess and ability to switch up his flow.

“Alakazam” and “Arms Around Me” showcase Lil OneHunnet’s talent for creating catchy hooks and memorable melodies, while “Hey Now Say Now” offers a more laid-back vibe, allowing listeners to appreciate the rapper’s wordplay and storytelling abilities.

“Get Off The Corner” is a powerful track with a strong message, urging listeners to strive for better and escape the dangers of the streets. “It’s Time To Party” then shifts the mood, providing an upbeat anthem perfect for any celebration.

The introspective “You Don’t Know” delves into Lil OneHunnet’s personal struggles and experiences, giving fans a glimpse into the rapper’s life and mindset. The mixtape concludes with “Since A Juvenile,” a reflective track that chronicles Lil OneHunnet’s journey through the rap game and his determination to succeed.

With its diverse range of styles and themes, “Purple Smoke” is a testament to Lil OneHunnet’s talent as a rapper and his potential to make a lasting impact on the hip-hop scene.



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