Lil HotB – N.U.M.B (Never. Underestimate. My. Brain)


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1 Cold Piece 03:13
2 Remember 02:05
3 Basic Bitch 03:14
Featuring – Roddy Ricch
4 Me & You 03:17
Featuring – Free Ackrite
5 Pound After Pound 03:01
6 Fuckin Up 03:25
Featuring – DiamondEye
7 Run It Up 03:49
Featuring – DiamondEye
8 She Say 03:07
9 R.I.P 03:42
Featuring – Skeme
10 Numb 03:15


“N.U.M.B (Never. Underestimate. My. Brain)” is a mixtape by Los Angeles rapper Lil HotB, released on April 21, 2018, through HotB Productions. The project features collaborations with notable artists such as Roddy Ricch, Free Ackrite, DiamondEye, and Skeme. Showcasing a variety of styles and themes, Lil HotB demonstrates his artistic growth and unique voice in the hip-hop scene.

The mixtape opens with “Cold Piece,” setting the tone for the project with its raw energy and lyrical prowess. “Remember” follows, serving as a reminder of Lil HotB’s roots and the experiences that have shaped him.

“Basic Bitch” features the popular rapper Roddy Ricch, who adds his distinctive style to the track, making it a standout piece on the mixtape. “Me & You,” a collaboration with Free Ackrite, is a smooth, introspective track about personal relationships.

“Pound After Pound” and “Fuckin Up” (featuring DiamondEye) showcase Lil HotB’s ability to create catchy hooks and deliver powerful verses. DiamondEye also features on “Run It Up,” another track that highlights their great chemistry as collaborators.

“She Say” is a laid-back, melodic tune, while “R.I.P,” featuring Skeme, delves into darker themes and emotions. The mixtape concludes with “Numb,” a reflective track that encapsulates the essence of the entire project, leaving listeners with a deeper understanding of Lil HotB’s artistry.

“N.U.M.B (Never. Underestimate. My. Brain)” is a well-rounded mixtape that solidifies Lil HotB’s position in the rap game, offering a fresh perspective from the Los Angeles hip-hop scene.



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