Lil G – 80 Proof

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1 The Groove 03:57
2 Life 03:58
3 The Groove (Instrumental) 04:08
4 Come Tight 03:54
5 Life (Instrumental) 03:54
6 411 02:49


“80 Proof” is the one and only release by Oakland rapper Lil G. This 6-track EP, released in 1994 by D&G Records, captures the essence of the 90s Bay Area hip-hop scene. Available on cassette tape and vinyl, “80 Proof” showcases Lil G’s gangsta rap style and his ability to create groovy, head-nodding beats.

The EP kicks off with “The Groove,” an infectious track that highlights Lil G’s smooth flow and catchy hooks. “Life” follows, featuring thought-provoking lyrics about the struggles and realities of growing up in Oakland. The A-side of the EP concludes with an instrumental version of “The Groove,” allowing listeners to fully appreciate the production skills of Charles Shavles.

On the B-side, “Come Tight” offers a more aggressive, hard-hitting sound that showcases Lil G’s versatility as a rapper. “Life (Instrumental)” provides another opportunity for listeners to enjoy the production work and the atmospheric beats that define the EP. The project wraps up with “411,” a track that demonstrates Lil G’s lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities.

“80 Proof” features guest appearances from fellow Bay Area rappers Dangerous Dame and Father Dom, adding another layer of depth to the EP. The project’s design is credited to Phunky Phat Graph-X, with production by Charles Shavles and written contributions from Gary Shipman and Sugar Ray Howell.

Though “80 Proof” remains Lil G’s only release, it serves as a snapshot of the vibrant and influential hip-hop scene in Oakland during the 90s. The EP stands as a testament to Lil G’s talent and his contribution to the West Coast rap landscape.

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