Lil Dev – Angry Afrikan


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1 Still Making Hits 03:12
2 24 Bars 01:21
3 Slide Thru 03:10
Featuring – Project Poppa
4 What You Talkin Bout 03:36
Featuring – Youngin Geechi, Yung Rell
5 Dead Man Walking 02:57
6 The Greatest 02:53
Featuring – Yung Rell
7 Thuggin’ 03:41
Featuring – Youngin Geechi, Meezy
8 How To Get $ 02:39
9 Neva Change 03:05
10 How You Rock 02:57
Featuring – Yung Rell, Lil T
11 Old Skool Hyphy 03:10
Featuring – Youngin Geechi
12 Tryna Eat 02:58
13 Fake Niggas 03:57
Featuring – Youngin Geechi, Meezy
14 Neva Had 03:04
15 Check My Profile 02:38
Featuring – Yung Rell
16 Answers 04:18


“Angry Afrikan” is a powerful project by Oakland rapper Lil Dev, released on January 7, 2017, under Skarred 4 Life Ent. The 16-track album showcases Lil Dev’s unique blend of gritty lyrics, catchy hooks, and dynamic production. Through his hard-hitting bars and distinctive sound, Lil Dev represents the raw energy and authenticity of Oakland’s hip-hop scene.

The album kicks off with “Still Making Hits,” a track that sets the tone for the project with its high-energy beat and Lil Dev’s confident flow. “24 Bars” follows, showcasing Lil Dev’s lyrical prowess in a rapid-fire delivery. “Slide Thru,” featuring Project Poppa, offers a more laid-back vibe, demonstrating the rapper’s ability to switch up styles seamlessly.

“What You Talkin Bout” features guest appearances from Youngin Geechi and Yung Rell, adding to the project’s diverse array of talent. “Dead Man Walking” brings a darker, introspective tone, while “The Greatest,” featuring Yung Rell, highlights Lil Dev’s ambitions and determination.

The album continues with tracks like “Thuggin’,” “How to Get $,” and “Neva Change,” exploring themes of street life, hustle, and perseverance. Collaborations with artists such as Youngin Geechi, Meezy, Lil T, and Yung Rell further enhance the project’s depth and variety.

“Angry Afrikan” concludes with “Answers,” a reflective and introspective track that showcases Lil Dev’s vulnerability and desire for understanding. Throughout the album, Lil Dev delivers a compelling mix of hard-hitting tracks and introspective moments, solidifying his place in the Oakland hip-hop scene.



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